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metales pesados en el organismo

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What are heavy metals? How do they affect our health?

SHA Wellness Clinic
April 5, 2016

You have probably heard about heavy metals and maybe you even know that they can be prejudicial for our health, but do you really know what are they and what can they produce in your organism?


A blurred concept

The term ‘heavy metals’ is not usually well-defined. Sometimes, the density criterion is used to determinate if a metal is heavy or not. Other times, the atomic number and atomic weight are the employed criteria. Basically, they are a group of chemical elements whose density is superior to five grams/ cm3.

It is very important to say that not all heavy metals are toxic. Moreover, a lot of them are essentials for human being health in low concentrations since they permit our body to work properly. This is the case of cobalt, iron and zinc among others. Nevertheless, a high concentration of them in our organism is often prejudicial.


How are we exposed to heavy metals?

Due to high technologic development, massive consumption and big waste production, heavy metal presence is incredibly important in the atmosphere.

Water: because of poor water decontamination or lead pipes, you may be in daily contact with heavy metals through the water that you drink, you have a shower with, you clean with and you cook with.

Air: the air we breathe is contaminated by industry, cars combustion… Heavy metals are accumulated in the air as particles that we breathe or particles that are joined to our organism through the skin.

Food: in agriculture or ranching industry, damaging products are used. They transport heavy metals that contaminate plants, vegetables, fruits, meat and also fish.


Which are the risks?

Since we are permanently exposed to heavy and toxic metals, the risk to suffer physical disorder due to the concentration of these elements in the body is high. We give you some examples.

Lead: anaemia, sclerosis, fatigue and kidney cancer.

– Mercury: autism, depression and respiratory system problems.

– Cadmium: prostate cancer, bronchitis, infertility and vascular diseases.

– Copper: liver and kidney damage, anaemia, irritation of the large and the small intestine.

– Manganese: pancreas, central nervous system and liver damages, associate to Parkinson disease.

– Zinc: stomach pain and mucosae’ infections.


How to eliminate heavy metals from the body?

Heavy metals can’t totally be eliminated from the body. The better way of protecting you is reducing the exposition to them. For instance, living in the countryside away from the urban contamination or eating ecologic or organic food. Nevertheless, some foods can also help to reduce or eliminate some heavy metals.

Coriander: helps to eliminate mercury or lead.

Broccoli: boosts natural depurative process of our body and toxic elimination.

Chlorella seaweed: has a powerful detox effect of heavy metals and others harmful substances.

Zeolite: removes heavy metals from the organism, cleaning blood, stomach, lymphatic and glandular systems.

It is important to consume foods which help eliminate toxic heavy metals and to avoid risky situations in order to preserve your health.

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