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What is emotional detox?

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 29, 2023

The mind, like the body, is also exposed to toxic elements. Learning to recognise them is the first step in achieving optimal health.

The frustration, the uncertainty, anger, stress or fear are natural emotions that are part of life, but if they are not managed correctly, they generate a deep malaise that prevents us from improving and moving forward. As Dr. Cinthya Molina, psychologist at SHA Wellness Clinic, tells us, “the emotional detox consists of doing a cognitive and psychological cleansing, eliminating everything that negatively affects us. At present, a large group of society is concerned with following a healthy diet and balanced diet, avoiding ultra-processed foods and preservatives, dyes and additives that are harmful to health. However, this concern is not usually transferred to the field of mental health and we consume many emotional toxins, daily, that keeps us from an optimal state of well-being”.

Being regularly exposed to toxic people and environments and negative thoughts is the emotional version of an unhealthy diet, rich in sugars and refined flours, alcohol or fats of animal origin. That is, little by little, they are undermining health. As Molina affirms, “the accumulation of these negative elements causes, over time, emotional intoxication. The first step in doing a detoxification process is to be aware of everything that causes discomfort. Of course, it is a widespread mistake to think that mental health depends only on external factors. In fact, sometimes the individual himself is his greatest source of toxicity because we are usually the cruelest judge, and we become our own worst enemy. This is due to the inner voice, that voice that never goes out, that criticism, who disapproves of our behavior – who constantly reminds us of what we have done wrong or that situation in which we were not up to it. In short, a voice that generates anxiety, depression and anger. Therefore, it is essential to calm that inner dialogue because how we talk to ourselves has a direct impact on how we expect others to talk to us, and how we allow them to do so.

Furthermore, since the advent of new technologies, we are facing a different type of toxicity: digitalis. “Almost without realizing it, we consume a large amount of digital content that is very toxic for emotional health. The social networks show us an ideal world, eternally happy, with some unattainable beauty canons and a lifestyle as perfect as it is fictional. If our expectation is to reach those levels, we will always feel frustrated”, adds the SHA expert.

To achieve a complete emotional detoxification, it is also necessary to boost positive charge: “Surround yourself with people who bring you good things and who make you feel good, embark on projects or hobbies that excite you and do things that generate positive feelings in you. Pay attention to your diet, exercise regularly, try to rest properly at night, do your breathwork exercises, focus on the present moment and avoid making long-term plans. In short, do what makes you happy because happiness is a fabulous emotional detox”, concludes Dr. Molina.

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