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What is Oligotherapy?

SHA Wellness Clinic
April 11, 2016

Nowadays we are more likely to turn to natural medicine to treat or prevent eventual diseases. For that reason today we want to share one of the tools of natural medicine, which is particularly easy to perform daily, although is not very well known yet. It is oligotherapy.


What is oligotherapy?

Oligotherapy is based on trace elements, these minerals that are present in very tiny quantities in our organism and are essential for the good functioning of our health.

While conventional medicine thinks that the microbe is responsible of the disease, oligotherapy says that it is the field of the individual that exposes him/her to an illness. That is why the objective is to know the person well and his/her predispositions in order to reinforce his/her field.

Oligotherapy then consists on administering one or several oligo-elements to the patient to prevent a deficiency, to compensate it or to get a therapeutic effect in complement of other traditional medicines.


A 100% safe medicine

Oligotherapy is a treatment without any overdose risk. Moreover, there is no counter-indication to take it, it’s advisable for everyone: young children, elderly people, pregnant women… Trace elements are well tolerated and do not imply any side effects.

You can have an oligo-elements’ treatment any time of the year, it just depends on your needs. Although oligotherapy has lots of advantages and provides real benefits, it is important to underline that under no circumstances does oligotherapy replace conventional medicine. It rather is a complement of it.

Possible symptoms and their treatments

We propose a table of ordinary pathologies and the trace elements that can be taken to solve the problem.

Acne Zinc
Anxiety Magnesium
Arthrosis Copper
Physical fatigue Gold
Momentary fatigue Magnesium
Insomnia Lithium
Sore throat Bismuth
Cold Silver
Stress Magnesium
Overweight Chromium


Oligo-elements can be found in food but also as pills, powdered and drinkable solutions. It is recommended to take them 15 minutes before eating and if you take more than one, it is necessary to respect a break for 15-20 minutes between doses.

In any case, we recommend you to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before starting a oligotherapy treatment.

Do you find this therapy interesting? Would you dare to try it? If you have ever been treated f with oligotherapy, tell us your experience! We’d love to know your point of view!


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