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What is seitan? Properties and benefits of this healthy food

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July 8, 2014

Seitan: Fashionable Vegetarion Meat

With a high protein a nutritional value and also known as “vegetable meat”, seitan is wheat gluten itself (reason why celiacs cannot eat this kind of food), separated from the starch and cooked in vegetable brooth, making a delicious and healthy food highly recommended to reduce meat consumption thanks to its similar flavour and texture.

Its high protein, calcium and minerals content, turns the seitan in the perfect food to replace the meat, which fat level is higher, in any type of diet.


Five properties and benefits of seitan


Its many positive properties make seitan one of the most popular foods recently and, if you do not know the benefits that eating this delicious food can bring you, today we show you the top five to help you introducing this beneficial food in your diet.

  1. This is an easy digestive food, so it is essential for people with stomachaches and digestive problems.
  2. It does not contain saturated fats and helps your organism to reduce blood cholesterol levels, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  3. It is an excellent food for athletes because thanks to its high protein levels the muscle can grows properly.
  4. It does not contain sodium, so seitan is a beneficial food for people suffering from hypertension problems.
  5. Its high protein and calcium levels make seitan the perfect substitute for products like meat, wich fat level is higher.


Seitan recipes:


The multiple beneficial properties of seitan make it a very necessary and fundamental food for any kind of diet, so do not hesitate to introduce seitan as an effective meat substitute. Your health will thank you!


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