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What is sorghum? The nutritional benefits of the perfect cereal

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 14, 2016

Originally from tropical and subtropical areas of Oriental Africa where it occupies the food pyramid’s base, this cereal is now considered a superfood, although it has been left out of our eating habits for decades in favor of other cereals such as corn or quinoa. Today, sorghum appears to be the perfect cereal due to its composition, all its benefits and its multiple possibilities in recipes.

What is sorghum?

Sorghum belongs to Graminoids and it is a variety of Mijo. For a long time, it was grown for cattle nutrition and biofuel usage. It is the world’s fifth major cereal crop and its most important characteristic is that Sorghum is Gluten-free.

About its composition, Sorghum presents an important energy value due to its high quantity of carbohydrates, which also gives the cereal a sweeter taste; it also presents low-fat content and a rich value in antioxidant minerals such as zinc. Moreover, it is a good source of vitamins B like niacin and also fiber, calcium and phosphorus. Its lower-protein intake could be balanced out by combining it with milk or legumes.

Which benefits does sorghum have for the health?

Sorghum has several benefits for the organism.

  • As it is gluten-free, it can be included in gluten intolerant diets, emphasizing its high fiber content, which helps reducing constipation.
  • It is also recommended for diabetics as its combination with other high-fiber ingredients helps blood sugar regulation.
  • Moreover, due to its low-fat content Sorghum is included in sports nutrition, improving quality and build muscle.

How can sorghum be consumed?

We can include Sorghum in our everyday recipes. It results in a delicious combination with fresh vegetables, herbs or salads, as well as with other cereals, like rice, or soups and stews. There is also Sorghum flour, which is considered to be partial substitute for wheat, and it is used for baked foods such as bread, quesadillas, cookies, and pancakes.

Where to buy Sorghum?

Although it is not easy to find products containing this cereal in our supermarkets yet, we can find Sorghum flour or the basic grain in some specialized shops and herbalists.


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