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What your light says

For SHA Wellness Clinic
December 14, 2018
Health & Beauty

Ana María Oliva - Energy Health Specialist

"Health is more than just the absence of illness. Nor is it simply ensuring that your biochemical markers are normal."

Health is a positive, radiant state in which your body can adapt at any moment to both external and internal stimuli while maintaining balance, harmony and communication.

Now imagine that you could measure in some way your body’s ability to self-regulate its degree of harmony and internal communication. Imagine that you could detect imbalances before physical symptoms appear and that you could correct them and avoid illness in the first place. Imagine that you could know ahead of time how a liver detox would feel or how your body would respond to other specific treatments. Imagine that you could understand not just the symptoms, but the real causes of your symptoms. It would be a glimpse of health through energy fields.

It isn’t exactly new, either. Ancient Eastern medicine discovered it thousands of years ago. But we’re not talking about old medicine. We’re talking about a growing trend in Western medicine: an electromagnetic vision of health. Since the beginning of the twentieth century there has been a growing interest in the electromagnetic component of the human body and in finding electromagnetic technologies to restore our health. Albert Szcent Györgyi and Luc Montagnier won Nobel Prizes for describing electromagnetic elements of life. At times these electromagnetic insights defy our mechanistic understanding of the workings of the body. If we were to use one word to describe this type of medicine, it would
be holistic. An electromagnetic field is, by definition, never-ending, holographic, and interacts all the time with the environment, adapting its response to the information it receives. It offers us a different and new perspective, ever-more accepted in Western medicine, and has great potential for preventive and non-invasive medicine.

In fact, it’s used in many fields, but we’re often unaware of it. For example, bioelectrical impedance scales, nuclear magnetic resonance, radio devices and light-emitting diodes for aesthetic treatments and stress management and electrical currents for muscle rehabilitation, pacemakers and hyperthermia all use electromagnetic fields. Because the body generates its own electromagnetic field, both diagnostic and therapeutic methods can rely on the body’s response to external electromagnetic fields. Each chemical reaction generates an electrical field. Redox reactions are electron exchanges. When we exercise, our bones generate piezoelectricity. Our heartbeat generates an electrical field and our brains use electromagnetism to think. Just being warm-blooded and maintaining our body temperature generates an electromagnetic field. There are many biological sources of electromagnetism and this branch of knowledge is always expanding its possibilities, especially for prevention.

How is it possible for energy to contain such useful information about your health? In the same way a magnet can put iron lings in order, matter is structured according to an electromagnetic pattern. So, when we detect imbalances in energy we can correct them and prevent the person from getting ill. It allows us to prevent and treat.

Using electromagnetic fields for diagnosis and treatment has many advantages. In addition to being non-invasive, it lets you view people as an integrated whole in the physical world along with their emotional and mental states. Measuring a person’s electromagnetic field lets us see how they are on many levels. It allows us to ‘read’ what their light is telling us. The person’s challenges, their strengths, their imbalances are all there. They help us find the right therapeutic approach for their health.


At SHA we measure energy fields using Space Age technologies 
in order to detect and correct
 the electromagnetic patterns that shape life. We seek to correct the first symptom that 
is common to all diseases: a decrease in the voltage of the cell membrane. This voltage is what enables optimal cell function: communicating properly with 
its environment, incorporating nutrients and eliminating
 toxins. When we detect low cell membrane potential and optimise it, we also improve oxygenation, circulation, metabolism and make detoxification easier. The person feels much more radiant and positive. Electromagnetic field based treatments are intended to increase health and strengthen the body’s ability to self-regulate, facilitate inter- and intra-cellular communication and improve the adaptability of the body. It does all that gently, using physiological values and without undesirable side effects. It’s a world of technology for your health.


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