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Why is the sun the worst enemy of our skin?

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 2, 2020

For many, it is time to get back under sunshine, plan a holiday in a warm destination or simply enjoy the first rays of morning. “But you must remember that the sun is the skin’s worst enemy,” warns Dr Barbara Dalbos, expert in aesthetic medicine at Sha Wellness Clinic.

We are dreaming of getting into the sun, it is logical, but we have to do it consciously. It’s a war, so your weapons are: sun protection 50 and physical protection with a hat, umbrella, glasses, gloves, etc.“, she explains.

The threats are multiple and you have to be alert, whether you are outdoors or at home. Not only can anyone get a tan through a window and damage their collagen, but there is another danger: prolonged exposure to blue light can cause skin damage, including colour changes, inflammation and weakening of the skin surface.

Blue light promotes the appearance of skin stressors that cause photo-ageing. During quarantine, children were shown to increase screen time by 70% and adults by 40%. And all these electronic devices produce blue light. You have to try to find a sunscreen with blue light protection when you’re working or surfing at home,” says Dr Barbara Dalbos.

In short, it’s essential to use sunscreen every day, whether you’re at home or outdoors. “Get addicted to accessories. And if you want to get a tan, cheat: use a self-tanner,” recommends the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.

SHA skin care: be healthy and feel good

Taking care of your skin is taking care of your health, it is having a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. “So we’re here to help people be healthy by feeling good about themselves, restoring their self-confidence and helping them to grow old healthy and happy. To help prevent, restore and enhance their natural beauty. Be healthy and feel good,” says Dr. Barbara Dalbos.
Working on appearance is not a superficial thing. The inside and the outside are intimately connected. Feeling good helps you look better, but looking healthier and more positive helps you regain self-confidence, get motivated for everyday challenges and feel proud of your age.

If a cosmetic treatment can give you more confidence to face the world, then try it. Psychological well-being is so significant that it can enhance the human body’s immune responses, improve resistance to disease (including infectious disease) and shape a more prosperous spiritual and physical life,” says the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.
Aesthetic medicine encompasses all medical procedures that aim to improve physical appearance and patient satisfaction using non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

Medicine has evolved very quickly to focus on increasingly natural and safe procedures and is now the focus of preventive medicine. To age better and longer.

Aesthetic medicine: first and foremost, medicine

Dr Barbara Dalbos says: “Aesthetic medicine is first and foremost medicine“. And she adds: “We are professionals who are here to help, thinking first of all about safety“.
SHA Wellness Clinic has doctors with long experience who continue to train all over the world to offer the best and most appropriate treatment. It’s about knowing the new technologies and new therapeutic approaches to be always in the vanguard.

We have the opportunity to be equipped with the most recognized and recent technologies, but also surrounded by a team of specialists from all fields to offer a global treatment: gynaecological, anti-ageing medicine, stem cell TTT, etc.“, reminds the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.

In derma-aesthetics, the therapeutic approach is similar to any other medical discipline: everything must start from the rigorous personalisation of each treatment.
The first objective is to get to know the patient in order to personalise the procedures, inform them rigorously and make them part of the decision-making process. His objective, his medical history, his age, his sex, his personal history, his priorities, his tastes, his fears are all taken into account. In short, finding the best way to achieve a reasonable objective.
And as Barbara Dalbos reminds us: “Skin is who you are, true beauty is unique“.


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