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William Banks-Blaney – His experience at SHA

SHA Wellness Clinic
February 5, 2015

Referred to as “The Vintage King” by Vogue and “The King of Vintage” by Harper’s Bazaar William Banks-Blaney founded WilliamVintage 5 years ago after a career as an interior designer. He always loved fashion and saw a gap in the market for an edited, relevant approach to very fine vintage clothing and thankfully, others seem to like his idea! What he loves about his company is discovering a dress and seeing it grace either a red carpet event, become a part of a major museum collection or seeing the smile on a woman’s face when she first tries it on…that’s his real buzz.

He experienced a week stay at SHA some months ago and kindly wanted to share his own experience with you all through this short interview:


  1. What brought you to SHA?

    Well 2014 was a wonderful year; I was named as International Style Ambassador to American Express, I wrote my first book “25 Dresses” and I filmed for my great friend Rachel Zoe’s show, “The Zoe Report” in LA and Paris. However, all this was in addition to my role as founder of WilliamVintage, which is all-consuming in any case! The long hours had caught up with me; I was exhausted and in need of a ‘time out’ and after recommendations from friends, I chose SHA.

  2. Which programme did you choose and why?

    I chose the 7 day weight loss and detox programme. I wanted to eat lightly, exercise daily and regain a sense of calm as well as reduce my waist line to what it had been the previous year.

  3. What were your expectations of SHA before you went and were they met?

    I was rather nervous before arriving at SHA; I had little experience of a macrobiotic regime and was rather worried I would be viewed as a hopeless case however within minutes of my arrival, I knew I had come to the right place. The whole experience was far, far above my expectations and truly, faultless in nearly every way possible.

  4. What will you remember about your visit to SHA?

    Without doubt, the warmth and expertise of the staff. I felt that I was in expert hands and the entire team could not have been more knowledgeable or experienced from the front desk team to the clinicians.

  5. What was your favourite treatment and why?

    Watsu was a unique treatment and one I had never experienced previously. I emerged with a real sense of peace and a much greater ease within my body…it was a rather emotional process but so perfect for what I needed.

  6. What was your favourite thing about SHA? And your least favourite thing?

    My favourite thing….there were so many exceptional aspects to my stay however waking up every morning to see the sun rising over that mesmerising mountain range… It was as far removed from the chaos and concrete of London as possible. My least favourite thing… my first 24 hours during which I decided to give up caffeine.
    william banks blaney at sha

  7. Did you pick up any healthy habits during your stay and have you continued with them since being back at home?

    I am a person of great extremes and have spent most of my life either eating like a saint or eating like Elvis but SHA and the macrobiotic diet really helped to re-educate me. I am far more aware of what my body needs and how best to maintain a healthier balance, whether at SHA or in my usual, rather more frenetic world.

  8. How did your stay at SHA benefit and help you?

    I slept soundly every night, I gave up caffeine and wheat and after 7 days of blissful rest and relaxation I had lost 6 kilograms as well as feeling like the old me again. It was a true life-saver.

  9. Would you recommend SHA to others?

    I have done so already, many many times!

  10. Are you a fan of detox retreats or was this your first experience?

    I have been to various retreats over the years and a great many of them were geared to physical exercise and an almost military approach to the body. This was my first experience in a clinic which I felt was truly holistic and all-encompassing.

  11. Are there any destinations you regularly visit for holidays and why?

    My work and personal life always combine so I never truly ‘get away from it all’ other than when at SHA. I spend a great deal of time in the South of France and the French Alps with friends and family or Paris, Palm Beach and Miami for work. Life is good!

  12. Is there anywhere on your bucket-list for 2015?

    Yes… a desert island experience is on my bucket list for this year, of course in addition to another week or two at SHA!


We would like to thank William Banks-Blaney for grating us this interview and sharing his SHA experience also through his social media channels.
We really hope to see you soon at SHA!




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