Young and attractive lips with Lip Refresh
Young and attractive lips with Lip Refresh

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Young and attractive lips with Lip Refresh

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May 23, 2013

Would you like to know the latest to have beautiful lips?

The Lip Refresh is a new lip revitalization treatment that involves the incorporation of a new hyaluronic acid for lips getting hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate with virtually no increase the volume of your lips.

lip refresh: new hyaluronic acid for lips
Restylane Lip Refresh was the big news of the last European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in which the experts stressed the importance of this type of lip treatments to leave natural results and increase lip volume without looking artificial.

Lip Refresh Treatment consists of injecting the new Restylane hyaluronic acid superficially into the skin so that it infuses the tissues naturally without producing fibrosis following a reaction to a foreign body. In other words, it doesn’t alter the skin’s characteristics but instead is beneficial to the skin as it deeply hydrates it, leaving beautiful, young and mosturized but natural-looking lips, without having to resort to permanent silicone.

Restylane Lip Refresh is a cosmetic lip treatment that can be repeated over time according to a strictly diagnostic designed by experts in non-invasive aesthetic medicine like Dr. Larissa Perezhogina who states that, generally, with once every six or twelve months, depending on the person, is enough to keep perfect lips.

Although the first two days after treatment with hyaluronic acid lips swell considerably, in 48 hours the lips return to their natural volume but look much younger and attractive. Furthermore, this new hyaluronic acid known as Restylane does not require allergy testing as it is a biocompatible material. Moreover, as it doesn’t leave a mark, it allows you to get back to daily life immediately.

Who is going to try it?

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