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beneficios de la sopa de miso
Miso Soup

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10 benefits of miso soup

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February 2, 2016

If you sometimes go to a Japanese restaurant for dinne, you would probably know miso soup already. It is a basic plate for each resident of the land of the rising sun, who consume it several times a day, including and specially for breakfast. They considerate it as a real and essential medicine, which guarantees them health and longevity.


A star product in Japan

Japanese people has considered for centuries miso soup as one of the best products that can be consumed. As a matter of fact, during the VIIIth century, the instance in charge of alimentary security of the imperial court already promoted its utility. It is such an important food that if a woman wants to get married, she has to know how to prepare a miso soup.


close up of a bowl of miso paste


A very healthy plate

To prepare a miso soup, you just need miso paste and add some vegetables you want: wakame seaweed, onion, tofu, carrot… and water. You can have a very tasty plate with only good ingredients for your health. Here, we give you an easy and delicious recipe. Moreover, miso has a high tenor of proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


So many benefits

The benefits of miso soup seem to be endless:


1. It permits a natural detox

2. It helps to control cholesterol level

3. It prevents from heart and arteries diseases

4. It is anti carcinogenic

5. It reduces incidents tied to allergies

6. It eases menopause symptoms

7. It prevents from hypertension

8. It protects against infections

9. Good source of proteins and fibre

10. Thanks to soy, it provides 8 of the most important essential amino-acids.

Nevertheless, miso soup not only has an effect on our interior health but also on our physical appearance. In effect, as it is rich in linoleic acid, it is very good to keep a young skin and to reduce wrinkles.


Now that you know all the benefits of miso soup, you don’t have any excuse not to imitate Japanese people and include it in your dairy diet. If you find it difficult to prepare you can always buy instant Miso Soup. Don’t forget to share the results on your health with us!

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