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4 Yoga poses that will improve your health

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 3, 2014
The end of the year is coming and we feel exhausted. It is the point when we start thinking what might relax us and how to connect with our interior. It is well known that Yoga is a good physical and mental exercise to achieve well-being in all aspects. Yoga in all its varieties is the union between physical & mental. Since the year is almost over you surely need some extra energy and connection with yourself to be able to confront what is coming, we present you from SHA Wellness Clinic these 4 yoga poses that will improve your health. Health understood as physical & mental.

4 Yoga poses that will improve your health

Virabhadrasana (Hero pose):

Posture of stability, balance, strength and opening.


Strengthens and stretches legs and musculature of the pelvis.

Strengthens kidneys.

Strengthens shoulders, arms and musculature of the back.

Expands the chest and improves the breathing ability.

Integrates the low and top half of the body and favours the rooting.


Hero posture


Salabâsana (Lobster pose)

This asana is related to the land, the water and to the feminine issues. Contact with the strength and the energy…


Increases flexibility of the spinal column.

Strengthens the abdomen musculature, lumbar part and arms.

Good for kidneys, adrenal glands, liver and pancreas.

Improves the diuresis and the digestion.

Regularizes the menstrual cycle and the hormonal level during menopause.



Halasana (Plough Pose)


Strengthens the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems.

Energizes the glandular, nervous, renal and sexual systems.

Stimulates and drains the liver and pancreas, cleaning them.

Works the neck musculature.

Stimulates the endocrine glands.

Massages the abdominal organs and regularizes the functioning of the thyroid.


Plough posture


Torsion (Variation)


Increases flexibility in the vertebral axis favouring the blood irrigation.

Stimulates and drains the abdominal entrails.

Strengthens the lumbar waist.

Favours the rotation and projection.


Yoga. Variant posture


Relaxation and calmness will be achieves through these 4 postures. We feel the breathing and the present moment, and little by little something gives up and the silence appears. It’s through this whole process that we bring in to meditation. In the calmness we can see things clearer. When river waters are messy we cannot see the depth.

We encourage you to try these yoga poses, and see how they work on your health improvement. We will be delighted to to know your opinion through the comments on this post!


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