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May 13, 2015

Spring has arrived and with it the rise of temperatures, it seems like the perfect time to renew our training. Follow these tips to make your workout more effective. Come on, move on! Renew your spring training!

1. Be faster, be stronger


Join to the interperse and high intensity workouts. Combine 1 minute exercise with 30 seconds of recovery during 20 minutes, your metabolism will accelerate and your body will consume more calories in less time. Practice it twice a week and you will get muscle mass that will help you burn fat faster.

2. Socialize

socialize to run

socialize to run

It is well known that it’s harder to quit when we are accompanied by someone. Join friends, colleagues or people from your gym. Group activities will provide you that “motivation push” you need.

3. Flip it over

The practice of yoga can make you get used to some postures you practice during the classes and after a while they become less effective. We recommend you to change to Antigravity Yoga, which provides you the same benefits traditional yoga does, with the plus of the air art. You will learn inverted positions for blood circulation, relaxation between vertebrae, and core strengthening.


4. Orientate yourself


Try to make a functional training. The functional training, unlike traditional training (which is competition-oriented) is intended to improve the health and general welfare. It corrects our body posture and works with other important skills such as agility, mobility, stability, balance or coordination.

This training has the best of each fitness area, so exercises are made from the detailed study of the functioning of the personal body and its individual conditions, so it allows to get optimized results.


5. Take advantages of the weather


During winter we are really lazy to go swimming. Although water has exactly the same temperature, we feel cold just imaging us coming out of the pool.

Swimming is the perfect cardiovascular exercise to work out all the parts of our body with less intensity than running. That’s why it allows us to work out deeply the fat burning zone. It is highly recommended to swim more than 15 minutes to feel the results.

6. Think green

The increase of temperatures make us wish lightly foods, salads, cold soups and leave the stews and winter dishes which involve much cooking time.

Take advantage of this season and join fruits and veggies juices, ideal to boost your energy in the morning or as a snack. You can also replace coffee with ice tea.



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