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Vitamins and Minerals to help stop smoking

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May 18, 2015


Certain vitamins and minerals can be very helpful to quit smoking and help prevent anxiety and weight gain that usually happen when someone leaves the smoking habit.

We present this list of vitamins and minerals to help stop smoking so you can learn about the nutrients they provide that are needed to counteract the damaging effects of smoking on health.


Vitamin C

A non-smoker needs an average of about 1,000 mg of Vit C per day, while an average smoker may require about 3000 mg. Smoking reduces up to 40% the body’s supply of vitamin C, thus creating a deficiency that can cause major health problems over time. Taking an extra amount of vitamin C for short periods of time can help reduce nicotine cravings, adhering to nicotine and allowing it to filter easily and sent to the liver and kidneys to be eliminated.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It is considered very important in preventing heart attacks. Due to increased stress experienced by the heart during smoking, such prevention provided by Vit E is especially important for smokers. In addition to helping prevent heart attacks in people who smoke, the antioxidant properties of vitamin E may also help reduce damages to the respiratory system.


Beta Carotene

Beta carotene provides a boost to the immune system, helping to keep it healthy during the abstinence of nicotine. It can also provide some level of protection against cancer, although studies such as Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Trial (ATBC) and the Retinol efficacy trial (CARET) suggest that smoking can cause that beta carotene produce an opposite effect over time. Because of this, it’s only recommended to take beta carotene supplement if it’s in the process of quitting.

The natural Beta carotene from foods such as green leafy vegetables and orange or yellow fruits are absorbed much better than beta carotene taken in pill form.



In addition to the damages that nicotine and tobacco cause to the heart and lungs, studies such as those conducted by the Center for Clinical and Basic Research in 2000, suggest that smoking can increase the rate of bone loss that happens naturally with the age. Calcium, which is a important mineral for health and bones, is removed from our body by nicotine. Taking a calcium supplement or increased natural calcium intake, you can counteract this effect while maintaining your bones healthy to prevent breakage and other damages.


Herbs supplements

In addition to the standard vitamin supplements, herbal supplements can help leave the habit of smoking while relieving stress and depression that may appear with the nicotine abstinence. Recommended herbs are: St. John’s; It brings calm and helps to be in a good mood, while Black cohosh and ginseng are suggested as a remedy to relieve anxiety. Herbal supplements are often available in pill form or tea, and some specialized blends can be specifically created to quit smoking.


Medicinal Drinks

Some medicinal drinks will help you reduce anxiety and overcome the addiction:

Fresh vegetable soup: It helps keep the levels of glucose. It also benefits the nervous system, so it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s ideal in case of depression and other emotional problems.

Lotus root tea: It helps expel mocus, clean our lungs and expel the nicotine.





Kuzu Drink: It helps in the detoxification process, stimulating the peristaltic movement, inducing relaxation and reducing your necessity of smoke.

How to prepare? Easy …

  • Dissolve a kuzu spoon in Apple juice or water. Afterwards heat up a cup of juice or water and add the kuzu. Stir under fire until the liquid is translucent. If you add some rice syrup, you will get a delicious and sweet drink.




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