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Advanced Plasma Renewal: the innovative therapy to reduce inflammation

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 3, 2023

One of the most surprising discoveries we make about ourselves after a certain age – which we will not define – is that we are always inflamed. We miss those years of lightness, when everything flowed better and weighed less, when meals seemed to agree with us and everything was just the right size.

The fight against inflammation is at the heart of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine because it is a perverse symptom that masks the onset of several diseases and one of the first signals the body sends to tell us to change some habits.

At SHA Wellness Clinic many specialists look after the status of the inflammation, whether it is systemic, low-grade or more or less evident or bothersome. It is a symptom to which attention is paid and which we try to reduce as much as possible and as soon as possible with different therapies for which there is solid scientific evidence of efficacy and safety.

With the arrival of the Plasma Renewal therapy at SHA Wellness Clinic, we have a very useful tool to modulate the inflammatory response and achieve a rejuvenating effect from within. In addition, toxins and antibodies are removed from the bloodstream and the presence of inflammatory cytokines is reduced.

Dr. Rosario García, specialist in Revitalising and Antiaging Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains that the main objective of this treatment is to purify the blood so as to eliminate or reduce harmful or excessive substances that have the potential to cause disease or are already involved in its progression. Among them, Dr García mentions toxic substances, inflammatory proteins and immunocomplexes.

After the application of this therapy, blood flow properties improve, since high molecular weight proteins are removed, which reduces blood viscosity, improves microcirculation, tissue oxygenation and metabolic exchange processes.

Another benefit of this blood purification therapy, according to Dr Garcia, is that it helps to reduce excessive or inappropriate immune response, since the treatment dilutes the concentration of antibodies that may be damaging tissues, while reducing inflammatory components in the blood.

Who are the best candidates for this therapy?

Dr García thinks that most people could benefit from this treatment, although an individual assessment is recommended to take into account the specific needs of each patient: “There are certain diseases where this therapy cannot be recommended, e.g. active infections, severe renal failure, acute anaemia or haemodynamically compromised situations,” he says.

It is a particularly beneficial therapy for patients with autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory pathologies. It is also recommended for treating neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis and mild or moderate Alzheimer’s. Precisely in the latter condition, it has been proven that, after six treatment sessions, the clinical profile of the disease is stabilised. In people at high vascular risk this therapy helps to reverse atheromatous plaques and prevent cardiovascular events.

The technique is performed by means of an out-of-body procedure that allows the removal of molecules and immunocomplexes that could be involved in more than 80 different diseases. Anyone who wants to improve their health significantly and is interested in preventing the development of diseases that tend to become more severe in the last decades of life could benefit from this treatment and reduce his/her inflammatory state. Perhaps, he/she would also recover some of the lightness one longs for that he/she had at an age when nothing seemed too hard.



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