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Benefits of the balanced Kushi diet

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 3, 2018

You often ask yourself which is the best balanced diet for your lifestyle, among all those available. The wide variety of options includes raw vegan, Ayuervedic vegetarian, frugivorous, ketogetic, alkaline, a diet based on your blood type, and many, many more. On this occasion, we wanted to tell you about the Kushi diet and how to follow it with natural food.

What is a Kushi diet and who is it for?

Every way of eating has its champions and detractors, based on each person’s personal experiences. This is very important because no diet can be generic for everybody and meet the specific needs and activities of each person. Moreover, the physiological characteristics of each individual are essential when choosing the best option.

The Kushi diet is very strict and restrictive, but also very healthy. It is based on small portion sizes and is especially recommended for people with two goals: one to deeply cleanse their body, and the other to control their weight.

Composition and nutritional information

We’ve mentioned that it is restrictive, so it is important to remember that although oil is healthy it is not included here, and neither are nuts, oats, refined flour or pasta. Salt is kept to a minimum.

Followers of this balanced diet only eat fish once a week. However, they frequently eat foods like seaweeds and soups to provide vitality and energy, like miso soup, which helps cleanse the body.

One of the goals of this diet, as we mentioned before, is to slim down, so it is low-calorie. It involves combining plant-based foods that are very rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins, so it cleanses and is also an excellent antioxidant diet.

What are the benefits?

It helps prevent fatigue, colds and flus, so it’s safe to say that it improves your health. By consuming the foods in the Kushi diet you will notice yourself sleeping better, as well as improvements to your interpersonal relationships, memory, and ability to learn new things. By offering clarity, it gives you better control of your actions and self-esteem. Your appetite will improve and you will have a better disposition by eating simple food.

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