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The benefits of watsu massage

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 28, 2017

The watsu massage is one of the most popular water therapies at SHA Wellness Clinic. The feeling that you experience during this therapy is like no other.

If you’re feeling stressed and disconnected with yourself, watsu is just what your body needs. It helps you relax, reconnect with your body and let go of everything around you.

Can you imagine floating on warm water, whilst being softly moved around at the rhythm of a peaceful melody, surrounded by the light of candles and smelling the fragrance of essential oils? Sounds like heaven, right?

The Watsu massage was born from the union of the Japanese Shiatsu massage with the therapeutic affect of water. Since it was created in the 80’s, it has become one of the most beneficial water therapies in the world.

What are the benefits of the Wastu massage?

· Reduces anxiety and stress levels

· Promotes a sense of general wellbeing

· Improves sleep quality

· Helps the body recover after a strenuous exercise

· Reduces general pain

· Improves digestion

One of the many other benefits of the Wastu massage is that it can be adapted to each person’s needs. Each session is different, depending on the physical and psychological state of the person.

For some people, the therapy will focus on the physiological effects of the massage: stretching, tension relief, articular movements, etc.

On the other hand, the therapy can focus on providing a meditation experience, where you completely disconnect and feel the amazing relaxing effects it has.

Don’t underestimate the powerful benefits of watsu. This therapy is one of the most surprising ones for most people, as they don’t expect to experience such positive effects and once they’ve tried it, they are left wanting more! Come try it at SHA!


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