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Bioenergetic Restoration for Regaining Physical and Emotional Balance

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 15, 2022
With this natural therapy you will be able to eliminate accumulated tension that causes muscular contractions, chronic pain, and fatigue.

Poor stress management, mourning the loss of a loved one, frustration generated by the failure of a personal or professional project, anger, fear and, in general, any conflict to which you have not been able to find a satisfactory solution can cause energetic blockages. These imbalances in the flow of vital energy, or Qi, cause tension to accumulate and somatise in the form of various physical symptoms, such as back pain, muscle contractures, neck and shoulder overload, or bruxism.

As Philippa Harvey, a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic, tells us, ‘Bioenergetic therapy is a natural method that has been practised for thousands of years that relates the emotions, feelings and character of each person to their expression and muscular structure, allowing us to unblock the areas that are loaded or stiff. The fact is that all the difficult or traumatic experiences we live through are reflected in the body in the form of tension, which is nothing more than energy’.

Bioenergetic medicine is based on the assumption that limitations in body movement are the result of an emotional blockage, and that restrictions in natural breathing lead to a decrease in vitality. ‘Bioenergetic therapy allows you to get in touch with all these tensions and release them through conscious movement, which will help you to breathe better, increase the vibrational state of the organism and expressiveness, sharpen your self-perception, promote self-confidence and improve your body shape,’ explains the expert.

However, it is important to clarify that, although bioenergetic medicine is not a replacement for conventional treatments, it can, and should, be performed alongside them. Its benefits for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are manifold. Philippa lists the most important ones: ‘It redirects energy to the present, helps to relieve muscular tensions and contractures, brings knowledge and self-awareness, removes energy blockages and releases and discharges repressed emotions. It is, therefore, recommended for all those who suffer from anxiety, phobias, obsessive disorders, depression, stress, shyness or any kind of insecurities. It is also very effective for treating addictions, chronic pain, fatigue or exhaustion, insomnia, or respiratory problems such as bronchitis. In short, this method will help you to recover the connection with yourself and to clarify your life plan’.

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