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Clear the Lungs and open the mind with TCM

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 20, 2018

As we approach autumn, nature prepares and the leaves start changing from greens into wonderful hues of reds, yellow and gold. It is what we call the time of harvest, of collecting. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we can say that we move from the external expansive, carefree nature of the summer to the more internal, serious or introspective side of autumn. It is a good time to begin new projects that focus on the internal, cultivating things like mindfulness or meditation.

How many times do we hear of post summer blues? In TCM, we associate autumn with the Lungs, and with the element metal. The emotions associated with the Lungs in Chinese medicine are sadness or grief. On the other hand, a healthy energy (or Qi), in our Lungs is associated with clear thinking, openness to new ideas and good communication. Is the perfect time to let go of those thoughts and things that are holding us back from personal growth. We should be setting up new limits and getting organised for a new season. A good way for a detoxification of our thoughts is by exhaling through our lungs and letting go.

In TCM all organs have a counterpart or a pair. Lungs are considered a Yin organ and its associate, Yang organ, is the Large Intestine. Both organs have an excretory or eliminating role. The lungs take in oxygen and eliminate carbon monoxide, and the large intestine absorbs the water left in any undigested food matter and passes unused waste material from the body. The large intestine also contains lymphoid tissue that produces antibodies to protect the body from harmful bacteria. It is a perfect time to drink some detox teas and help the large intestine to clear up from the summer colder foods, and prepare for a natural change of diet.

So let autumn be a quieter time to plan for your next personal harvest or cycle. Prepare the lungs for a flu free winter, clear skin, hair and ideas. Let the large intestines detox the past and have the chance to flow with an excellent lymph and immune system.

Our ability to open up to new experiences, let go of harmful thoughts, and eating foods that are in season, are important aspects for a balanced emotional and physical wellbeing.

Happy new season, with happy clear Lungs and thoughts!


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