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EMFACE Submentum: a non-invasive solution to reduce double chin

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April 1, 2024

A defined and taut facial oval is one of the characteristic features of a young face. Almost 80% of the population perceives sagging of the lower chin as a sign of aging that they would like to correct. The hours we spend in front of the cameras of our phones causeus to pay more attention to the lower chin area, whichseems to be the great victim of excessive use of the cell phone.

The double chin does not discriminate by gender and is a problem perceived by both men and women. The postureof the head tilted down to look atthe phone seems to accelerate the appearance of what experts call pseudo-double chin, which is the sagging of the tissues in the area due to poor posture maintained over time.

Executives of technology companiesbegan to call the problem the techno-neck- early double chinand premature aging of the neck due to the cell-phoneabuse. Executives over the age of 45, worried about surviving in an industry where youth is increasinglyvalued, began to discreetly undergo cosmetic lifts of the area. A quick, comfortable, painless, and undetectable solution -EMFACE Submentum seems to have been designed for them.

Today, it is possible to reduce a double chin in 20 minutes, without punctures or scars. SHA Wellness Clinic presents a new procedure accessory tothe innovative EMFACE treatment, called Submentum, which is a non-invasive, painless and quick solution to a problem that appears at increasingly younger ages.

EMFACE technology produces a firming effect by stimulating the facial musculature, as it simultaneously treats the skin and muscles in the area, without leaving any visiblemarks. The visual effect is similar to that of a facelift, but the treatment lasts less than 20 minutes and there are no needles or bruises. EMFACE Submentum targets all layers, from muscle to skin, of the chin and jowl area to reduce fat and the sagging of the facial contour.

EMFACE is the first procedure that brings together the patented combination of synchronised radiofrequency and HIFES for facial muscle stimulation.  Synchronised radiofrequency heats the dermis in a controlled way and stimulates collagen and elastin, while the HIFES technology causes selective contraction of the facial muscles.

The end result is natural and discreet. A fresh and rejuvenated face, not an intervened face. The musculature is strengthened and wrinkles and expression lines are reduced, the facial oval is defined and the jaw is marked. There is no risk of haematoma, no fillers are used and, therefore, there areno visiblemarks.

Dr. Bárbara Dalbos, specialist in Dermo-aesthetic Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains that EMFACE is indicated for “all patients who want to combat wrinkles, facial flaccidity and improve the quality of their skin without using fillers. At any age and without any contraindications.” Dr. Dalbos describes the result as “a discreet facelift in less than 20 minutes.

For optimal results, four sessions are recommended, one per week, lasting 20 minutes. The application is comfortable and painless; the patient will feel onlya brief contraction of the musclature in the treated area.

EMFACE is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to plastic surgery, because it achieves a similar lifting effect without the use of needles and without the need for recovery time. Among its great advantages we should point out that EMFACE produces radiofrequency heating in the treated area, in this case the lower third of the face, which regenerates collagen and elastin fibres, while improving muscle tone,” states the expert.



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