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EMSculpt Neo: the new era of body sculpting

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 22, 2021

At SHA, past meets future to create a present we can experience in a full and healthy way while enjoying excellent physical, mental, and emotional well-being at any age. This is the purpose of natural therapies that have been practised for thousands of years, such as acupuncture, meditation, and pranayama, that now coexist in perfect harmony with the latest generation of equipment.

Physical appearance is crucial when it comes to feeling good, improving self-esteem, and striking the right mind-body balance. With this in mind, and to offer our guests a completely transforming stay, we have just added the EMSculpt Neo device to our Dermo-Aesthetics Unit, a true revolution in the field of body sculpting.

Dr. Bárbara Dalbos, an expert in Aesthetic Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains how it works: “It combines two very effective technologies for both fat reduction and muscle definition. On the one hand, synchronised radiofrequency heats the adipose tissue to help dissolve the fat surrounding the muscle. On the other, high intensity focused electromagnetic waves (HIFEM) create a magnetic field that activates, stimulates, and contracts muscle fibres, accelerating definition and improving tone. Hence it’s reputation as the “20,000 sit-ups machine”.

The treatment is painless, non-invasive, requires between two and four sessions and has specific applicators for the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs (thighs and calves). “The great thing about this device is that it works in different ways depending on the person’s specific needs, from athletes who want to define their muscles to those who want to regain lost abdominal tone. It can also be used to correct abdominal diastasis, which is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles, something that often happens during pregnancy”, concludes Bárbara.


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