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Post-stay services

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 27, 2021
Online consultations with our experts, online yoga or breathing sessions and nutritional supplements at the click of a button.


Visiting SHA is just the first step on a healthy journey to an optimal state of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Because guests can continue to take care of themselves post-stay thanks to our online services, an extremely effective tool for maintaining and enhancing the results achieved.


SHA eHealth


A video call with one of our experts, a yoga class and a meditation, mindfulness or emotional coaching session. All this and much more is offered by eHealth, a complete online telemedicine service that can be accessed by all guests who have stayed at SHA. As Laura Bernabéu, supervisor of the reservations department at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains, “eHealth was created in the wake of the pandemic because, even though we had to close for four months, we wanted to continue providing a service to our guests. We did this through telematic consultations based on their medical history. This has allowed us to consistently monitor their evolution, adjust their personalised plans, such as diet and therapeutic exercises, to their current parameters and resolve any questions practically in real time. For example, during the lockdown, many of the consultations were focused on following a healthy diet and doing physical exercise at home, while today the most requested service is cognitive health”.


The online version of the SHA method encompasses a range of disciplines from both the wellness and clinical areas. “From personal training or a session of pranayama breathing techniques to consultations in general medicine, regenerative medicine and the immune system, healthy ageing, cognitive and emotional health with neurocognitive assessment and enhancement, healthy nutrition and stress management”, Laura concludes.


SHA Boutique


Unlike eHealth, the SHA Boutique online shop (https:// is not an exclusive service for guests and can be accessed by anyone interested in improving their physical, mental and emotional health through high-quality products that meet the requirements of the SHA lifestyle. Fernando Rama, SHA Boutique Manager, explains what we can find: “The most popular product is natural supplements, but we also have a careful selection in different categories, such as natural foods and snacks, natural facial, body and hair cosmetics, niche perfumery and health and beauty equipment, among others”.


SHA Boutique offers guests quick and easy access to any prescription from the clinical area or recommendations from the wellness area, but also the possibility of purchasing products that are normally difficult to find in other establishments. Of course, as Fernando tells us, “SHA Boutique is not a static service, but is constantly evolving according to the needs of the guests. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new products on the market that meet SHA’s high quality standards and environmental commitment so that we can incorporate those brands made with natural ingredients and committed to sustainability and respect for nature”. So, if you want to enjoy a cup of kukicha tea, make a dish with organic brown rice or add seaweed or organic poppy seeds to your salad and you can’t find them at your local store, you can get them at the click of a button at SHA Boutique.


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