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deportes fitness para un abdomen firme

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5 fitness sports for a firm stomach

SHA Wellness Clinic
May 23, 2016

Sun shines and temperatures rise. Summer is arriving! You are still on time to show off a firm and flat stomach with no need of making long abdominal series every morning. Here you have 5 fitness sports that will help you get a firm stomach for summer:

  • Zumba

Sweating while having fun: this will be the best definition for zumba. This dancing discipline is good for women and also for men. The rhythm of music and aerobic exercises make the core work, helping to strengthen abdominal muscles. Moreover, this sport brings other benefits, as weight loss and stress reduction.



Pilates is a fantastic option to work the abdominal zone deeply. It is based on two basic concepts: breathing well and keeping a good body alignment, which induces toning every abdomen muscles. Some positions are more efficient than others, as the double leg stretch or the plank.



Antigravity is making yoga or pilates exercises in a hammock in suspension. This sport implies working on flexibility of the muscles and on strengthening of the trunk zone. It is perfect to redefine and tone your abs. This original discipline also permits to reduce cellulites and stress.



This acronym means Butt, Abs and Legs. This consists in concrete and easy exercises to tone these body parts up. Practicing BAL can be a bit difficult at the beginning since you work on areas that you are not used to exercise, but the efforts worth in order to reduce waist and get a flat belly.


  • Spinning


It consists in riding a static bike, in a closed space, with a group, and to follow the instructor that guides the riders to practiceexercises at the rhythm of fast music. This aerobic and funny sport makes the core work intensively and lose abdominal fat.

As a complement to these activities we recommend to also include some foods that will help you reduce the abdominal volume. The more you do the better results you will obtain!


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