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Focused Pack SHA Digestive Health

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 4, 2021

Focused Pack SHA Digestive Health: the best care for your intestine

Health not only contributes decisively to improving quality of life but can also be a predictor of other potentially latent diseases. Aware of its importance, SHA Wellness Clinic has designed the Focused Pack Digestive Health, the most complete intestinal treatment available.

The aim of this Focused Pack Digestive Health is none other than to restore, to the extent possible, the balance and correct functioning of the intestinal tract by holistically addressing and improving the health of the microbiota and the immune system, among others.

SHA Wellness Clinic responds to the growing demand for this type of treatment, taking into account that roughly half the population in developed countries suffers from digestive problems, a percentage that increases considerably in developing countries.

“It is estimated that stress and poor diet are the main triggers for digestive disorders. Other factors include drug use, all kinds of diseases, pollution and genetic factors. This is why there is more and more medical attention and scientific evidence in this field and about the health consequences”, explains Dr. Amina Alani, digestive health expert at SHA Wellness Clinic.


An innovative and multidisciplinary approach to prevention

Knowing the value of caring for and monitoring the intestine, SHA Wellness Clinic has created a specific department that offers innovative and multidisciplinary services in terms of prevention, guidance and treatment of disorders involving digestive and microbiota imbalance, as well as the various psychological and organic disorders that generate these imbalances.

The Digestive Health Focused Pack goes hand in hand with the Detox Programme for a simple reason. “During the processes of de-inflammation and intestinal regeneration, as well as in the process of recovering the balance of the microbiota”, says Dr. Ámina Alani, “toxins can be generated that the body must eliminate”.

Since the Detox Programme is designed eliminate toxins, purify the body of waste products and support the main organs that perform this function, the digestive health programme fits perfectly within it.

One of the keys is to carry out a detailed diagnosis of the true state of health of the person with digestive difficulties or who wishes to anticipate possible problems. This can only be achieved with an absolutely personalised and detailed examination.

As suggested, specialised treatments aimed at detoxification and repair of the intestinal mucosa also go hand in hand to achieve full body purification, improve tolerance to certain foods and, in short, optimise overall health and quality of life.


A Focused Pack for anyone who wishes to improve their health

As Dr. Ámina Alani explains, the Digestive Health Focused Pack is suitable for “people who suffer from intestinal disorders or diseases in general, chronic pathologies, autoimmune diseases, allergies and mood disorders, as all of them can be related to sub-par digestive health”.

The SHA Wellness Clinic method is based on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Everything tends to be related, everything converges. An emotional problem can cause a physical problem, and vice versa. The same applies to the digestive tract. For this reason, and based on a thorough individual examination, medical and nutritional monitoring is essential during the stay and the implementation of various treatments, taking into account the problems detected and objectives.

In short, and as Dr. Ámina Alani suggests, “the Digestive Health Focused Pack is specifically designed for people who feel motivated to make changes in their lifestyle to improve their health”.


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