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Hydrotherapy and the healing power of water

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 10, 2021

Water plays a fundamental role in our lives. Beyond its moisturising power, it also possesses healing properties, which is where hydrotherapy (when used as a therapeutic agent) comes in.

Hydrotherapy uses water—both internally and externally and at different temperatures—to positively influencing health and well-being. It has been an essential part of the natural therapies offered by SHA Wellness Clinic from the start.

The first step is to define the objectives we want to achieve and then decide which therapy to follow. These are the SHA hydrotherapy treatments:


  1. Watsu: relaxes the body and improves digestion.

What it is: A therapy that combines gentle stretching movements with oriental acupuncture techniques and shiatsu massage.

How it works: Decompresses the spine, mobilises joints and stretches muscles without impact.

The benefits: Ideal for relaxing the body, improving digestion and eliminating the effects of jet lag.


  1. Aquasonotherapy: a regenerating massage

What it is: Treatment based on the direct link between the different parts of the body and certain sounds.

How it works: It aims to break, dissolve and eliminate blockages, while harmonising the body’s vibration.

The benefits: A soothing and regenerating massage is performed using sound waves and water, creating sensations that facilitate the movement of energy through the cell membrane.


  1. Craniocervical water therapy: unblock tensions.

What it is: Holistic therapy ideal for calming the mind.

How it works: Releases tension in the head, neck, shoulders and jaw while removing energy blockages.

The benefits: Relieves migraines, insomnia and neck pain.


  1. Cranio-sacral water therapy: ideal for migraine relief.

What it is : Aquatic treatment that blends the Watsu technique with holistic cranio-sacral therapy.

How it works: Designed to release contractions and restrictions in connective tissues and improve functional alignment, facilitating the body’s self-corrective mechanisms.

The benefits: It is especially recommended to relieve craniofacial pain, migraines and chronic and acute neck or back pain, bruxism and cases of insomnia, fatigue, stress, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, discopathies, etc.


  1. SHA body drainage: stimulates the lymphatic system

What it is: This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system through a targeted massage using sea-based ingredients.

How it works: The lymphatic system works together with the kidneys and liver to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. However, it does not have a natural pumping system like the heart, so it needs extra support to function properly. This treatment aims to stimulate the lymphatic system through a localised massage.

The benefits: Immediately there is an improvement in the liver and abdomen, as well as a feeling of lightness.


  1. Hydroenergetic detox cure: revitalises the body

What it is: A powerful purifying and energising treatment.

How it works: It consists of three steps: hydromassage bath, phytopharmacotherapy and hydrojet.

The benefits: It soothes and purifies while draining, detoxifying and revitalising the body before restoring energy, vitality and tone.


  1. Thalasso SHA Body: shape slimming

What it is: A unique experience that begins with a creamy bath of laminaria algae, renowned for its reshaping properties.

How it works: The minerals and trace elements it contains boost the body’s fat-burning mechanism.

The benefits: The application of innovative slimming pearls on the skin makes for a visibly slimmer silhouette from the first treatment.


  1. Underwater therapy: anti-ageing

What it is: An invigorating and therapeutic treatment.

How it works: Pressurised hot water is applied by jet.

The benefits: The action of the water eliminates swelling due to lymphatic blockage by promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, combats cellulite, restores skin elasticity and tone, improves cell metabolism, helps burn fat and reduces oxidation for anti-ageing results.


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