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Análisis genéticos en medicina antiaging para vivir más y mejor
Análisis genéticos en medicina antiaging para vivir más y mejor

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Genetic Analysis in antiaging medicine to live longer and better

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 25, 2012

Personalized medicine has arrived. A single genetic analysis in life can help you to live longer and better, while you prevent possible diseases.

Humans have sought eternal youth forever. The character of Faust in Goethe’s opera or the famous Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde are only two great examples. We all want to stay young and healthy as long as possible, and science is constantly searching for helping us get through what is known as Anti-Aging Medicine, a field to which we pay special attention in SHA.

Dorian Gray could'nt enjoy the benefits of antiaging medicine
Dorian Gray, the character by Oscar Wilde who desired the eternal youthContrary to popular belief, antiaging medicine is not just for older people but increasingly is geared more to prevent aging from an earlier age, is what we call “healthy aging”. Aging is inevitable, the years go by without us being able to stop the time, but what is with the help of science is to try to age with the highest quality of life possible. Preventive medicine is a nonconformist and proactive, and seeks to reduce the rate of aging, studying each of the factors that cause it to act directly on them. And for that, the sooner you start the better.

From Anti-Aging Medicine Unit of SHA Wellness Clinic we help prevent diseases, we perform detailed genetic analysis and we educate in a lifestyle oriented to health and wellness to achieve the desired “healthy longevity” by personalized medicine.

Antiaging consultations are now more demanded by young people
First, we recommend you to have a pharmacogenetic consultation in which the interactions between our medicines, what we eat, our genes and our specific lifestyle are determined, after responding to a detailed questionnaire which must be completely honestly for the maximum results. From there, we can find some adverse reactions in our body. Tea, chamomile, broccoli, arugula or grapefruit are just some of the foods that can cause adverse reactions if you combine them with certain medicines.

Food and drugs in antiaging medicine

Interactions between food and medicines are more common than we believePharmacogenetics has powerful capabilities to provide individualized therapies, by analyzing the information to anticipate the risk of developing certain diseases and determine the most effective and preventive measures, completely changing our lives.

Genetic analysis are essential while our genes make 30% of what we are and, analyzing in detail, can provide valuable information about the risks of certain diseases and completely custom guidelines and necessary to help prevent and achieve and slow the aging process of our body.

Genetic Analysis help antiaging medicine to understand our body

Genetic Analysis help us to understand better our body and prevent our agingThat’s why in SHA offer various genetic profiles depending on what we want to focus:

Weight Control, analyzing our genetic predisposition to being overweight and the food better or worse can lay our body organism.

Dermatogenetic, skin-specific analysis that detects predisposition to having internal disorders that can damage our skin by irritation or other skin diseases.

Prevention of osteoporosis or cardiovascular risk, among others.

But undoubtedly, the most highlighted study is the analytical SHA Vip Complete, which includes many different markers, analyzing 70 polymorphisms on 51 genes that help to determine factors such as weight, detoxification of our body, the health of our skin or our predisposition to certain physical exercise. This complete genetic profile is aimed at people who, even when healthy, want to optimize their current and future health through nutrition and proper living habits and custom, as the predictive genetic variant thereof.

These analysis can be performed with a simple saliva sample. With the results in hand, we can offer you a completely individualized health plan to bring you closer and closer to the desired longevity. Always remember that health begins with prevention. Taking care of you is the most important.


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