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Reworklution: la revolución social del trabajo
Reworklution: la revolución social del trabajo

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Reworklution: the social work revolution

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 30, 2012

Do you already know what Reworklution is? It’s a new social network recently launched that serves as a fundamental working tool for professionals and users, in which SHA has the honor of being one of the first companies that has been part of the project since its inception.

Redes sociales de profesionales: Reworklution

It is a powerful network of top professionals from all industries that offer their services on-line, something like a directory of experts from around the world, where you can purchase a free consultation or contact via videoconference with total comfort, without leaving home. As a user, you choose the amount, date and language in which you want to receive the service and the system returns you to all candidates by sorting the valuation obtained from other customers or by the criteria you choose.

Las redes sociales de profesionales permiten las consultas online

Thanks to this tool, SHA professionals are at your service without the necessity for you to move. Reworklution is the easiest way to continue and maintain that healthy lifestyle learned during their stay and resolving all doubts and difficulties that may arise when we apply it to our daily lives at home. The variety of services we receive from a distance thanks to new technologies is innumerable: from a cooking class with our awarded chef Pablo Montoro to a medical follow-up from our head nurse, a yoga class or meditation, or even deal with your personal problems with our psychologist.

Reworklution, as its name suggests, is a revolution of work. For the Entrepreneur of the Year award, founder of SHA, D. Alfredo Bataller: “RWL is a solution that benefits all parties involved”. To the great international management guru D. Luis Huete: “Reworklution is the future”. And for Princess Beatrice d’Orleans, president of the Spanish association of luxury: “Reworklution would be a great help for everyone and is one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet”.

From SHA, we are pleased to announce this scoop and invite you to join this revolution. In addition, if you register Reworklution and invite your friends you will have the chance to win a weekend in SHA. Do not doubt, come in and participate.

We wait for you!


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