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Health and Beauty tips for travellers

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March 30, 2015

Most of us enjoy Easter holidays abroad, to know new places and rest and most of us travel by plane. It’s a safe a comfortable way of transportation, but long flight hours can occasionally cause some damage on the organism. That’s why we’re sharing these health and beauty tips for travellers today.

1. Health tips for travellers

Before travelling

– Wear comfortable, well fitting clothes that aren’t tight.
– Drink lots of water.
– Try to eat healthy and light.

During the flight

– Drink lots of liquids (but avoid coffee and alcoholic drinks).
Don’t cross your legs.
Moisturize hand and lips.
– Get up and move around the aircraft cabin.
– Try to make some workout.

health tips for travellers


After the flight

Don’t eat too much.
– Try to adapt to the local time.


2. Beauty tips for travellers

Plane trips, especially the pressurized air in the cabin, causes the absorption of the humidity of the skin, leaving it dry and dull as well as causing chapped lips and dry throat and eyes.

Exfoliate your face the night before the flight and apply a moisturizing mask.
– Use thermal spring water to refresh and moisturize your face. Apply it before the flight and every time you feel your skin tight.


beauty tips for travellers

– If you start feeling your hair too greasy, a dry shampoo will help you fighting against dirtiness, especially on the roots. A tip: wear a scarf on your hair and always carry a brush to comb and refresh at any time.

The area around the eyes is the most sensitive. Apply a serum or protect it with cucumber or chamomile patches. The coolest they are, the better, as they will help to clear the area.

Try not to wear too much make up if it’s a long flight. The skin must be cleaned and oxygenated. Better make up before the landing.

– If you have oily skin, press it with a paper towel to remove excess sebum and bacteria growth. It’s advisable to apply sunscreen to reduce ultraviolet radiation.

Protect your hands; they may also be dry. Apply moisturizer every 3 or 4 hours with Karité butter, Mosqueta rose or coconut.


Follow these tips to have a healthier flight and to adapt to your destination better.
Enjoy your holidays!



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