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Healthy and refreshing cocktails for summer
Healthy and refreshing cocktails for summer

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Healthy and refreshing cocktails for summer

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 6, 2014

Refreshing cocktails: Healthy drinks recipes for summer

High summer temperatures invite us to drink more, so soft drinks, like healthy cocktails, have became (besides water) our perfect allies to beat the heat.

The main objective of this kind of beverages is the contribution of water and nutrients, essentials to moisturize and keep the body healthy.

Free alcohol cocktails
SHA Red Velvet
SHA Red Velvet: Refreshing cocktail with strawberry and watermelon

Strawberry: Its high level of minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, help to maintain your bone health.

Watermelon: Is one the most desirables fruits in summer and it is characterized by being able to stimulate diuresis.

SHA Sunrise
SHA Sunrise: Cocktail made with carrot

Carrot: Is a vegetable with high nutritional properties that help to improve the skin look.

Apple: One of the most cultivated fruits in the world, it is notable for its diuretic power thanks to the contribution of minerals like potassium.

SHA Detox
SHA Detox: Healthy cocktail with chard and apple

Chard: A vegetable with high antioxidant properties, needed to eliminate free radicals.



Daikon: With japanese origins, the daikon is a kind of turnip with properties like fat dissolution. You can enjoy other daikon recipes here.

Mujito: Exclusive cocktail with Mu tea and fresh mint

Cold Mu tea

Fresh mint: A natural key to improve the digestive process and fight against bad breath.

Agave syrup

SHA ExclusiviTea
Sha ExclusiviTea: Cocktail with Kukicha tea and orange

Kukicha cold tea: Elaborated with green tea sprigs, it is known for its calcium richness and its low theine content.

Romero: An aromatic plant with high diuretic and antioxidant properties.

Orange: Its high phosphorus content make this fruit to become a great natural remedy for improving memory.

MuTeani: Cocktail with Mu tea and agave syrup

Cold Mu Tea: A very energetic drink that actives the blood, the digestion, the kidneys and the reproductive organs.

Agave syrup: A natural sweetener that helps the intestinal regulation.

Lemon: With high Vitamin C levels, it helps the organism to beat diseases.

Olive: An appetizer really necessary for our memory. It reduces the oxidative stress of the brain.

Taste our delicious, healthy and refreshing cocktails recommendation for this summer, ¡you will love its flavour!


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