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Healthy Nutrition for kids

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August 6, 2015

Eating habits have changed a lot over the last years. In the past people used to cook at home but today the busy pace of everyday life makes us eat anything to take away and without timetables. This also happens with our children so most kids eat too much sugar, much salt, too much saturated fat (animal protein), pre-cooked meals and very few fruits, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable protein.


It’s good then to change our habits at home starting with our own diet so children will learn to become familiar with them. It makes no sense wanting our kids to eat vegetables if we don’t do it because they are a reflection of the parent’s habits. That’s why we present this post of healthy nutrition for kids. Take note and make some changes at home!



It’s very important to give children proteins at least twice a day. You can incorporate them as vegetables, tempeh, tofu, fish, seitan, some eggs, nuts and seeds.

It’s important to never mix vegetable protein (especially legumes) with fruits in the same meal because fruits inhibit the protein absorption in the body.



It’s important to incorporate soups to our children feed because they strengthen the intestinal flora and the digestion. You can combine them adding some vegetables and some seaweeds as wakame or kombu. If he/she doesn’t want seaweeds, you can make a puree or use seasonings like miso or soy sauce.

Try this healthy recipe of miso soup.



Whole grains provide vitality and energy, helping to strengthen the nervous system. You can combine them both in breakfast and in meals because there are a wide variety: brown rice, oats, barley, millet, quinoa

Try this healthy recipe of oatmeal porridge which is ideal for a breakfast full of energy.



Kids love sweets, and indeed, they need more sugar than adults. It’s important for them to learn to eat fresh fruit, substitute sugar to natural sweeteners (rice or barley syrup, rice or agave syrup) use sugar-free jams, eat dried fruit bars and cookies sweetened with cereal molasses.

We present this recipe of a healthy and easy to prepare dessert that everyone will love.

nutrition for kids


How to incorporate the changes?

Here we present some recommendations so you can little by little incorporate these habits to your everyday life and enjoy a healthier diet with your family:

  • Try to incorporate the changes slowly.
  • Cook fresh food and provide different types so that they can choose.
  • Try and change the ways of cooking with different colors and flavors.
  • Combine the child’s favorite meal with vegetables, cereals, pasta or soup.
  • Prepare healthy dressings (with olive oil, sesame, sunflower, corn).
  • Reduce foods and drinks with sugars.
  • Try to eat less pre-cooked foods and salty snacks.
  • Use more vegetable protein, seeds and nuts.
  • Avoid packed puddings, custards and creams because they contain lots of sugar.

Introduce these habits in your family and bet for a healthier life!

SOURCE: Bradford, Montse. La alimentación natural y energética. 17ª Edition. Barcelona: Editorial Océano, S.L., 2015. Pág. 247.


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