Gazpacho de manzana con gelatina de cangrejo
Receta saludable: Gazpacho de manzana

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Healthy recipe: Apple gazpacho

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October 30, 2014

Healthy recipe: Apple Gazpacho with crab aspic and mint oil



Red Pepper 20 gr.

Green Pepper 20 gr.

Peeled Garlic 5 gr.

Cucumber 40 gr.

Granny Smith Apple 40 gr.

Buckwheat Bread 50 gr.

Water 20 ml.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10 ml.

Apple Vinegar 5 ml.

Sherry Vinegar 1 ml.

Salt 2 gr.



Mint leaves 10 gr.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml.



Arrurruz 7 gr.

Boilied beetroot 10 gr.

Sunflower oil 50 ml.



Soy Lecitine 1 gr.

Granny smith Apple 50 gr.



Buckwheat Bread 50 gr.

Crab 2 gr.

Pronagar seaweed 0,1

Apple juice 0,5 ml.



Healthy recipe: Apple gazpacho



1.-GAZPACHO: Peel and slice all vegetables. Cool for 24 hours. Add vinegar, mix with the

Thurmix and emulsify with the oil to obtain a more vivid colour and add salt. Add the

apple previously baked and cooled.


2. MINT OIL: Whiten mint leaves and blend with the oil.


3. TEMPURA: Blend the beetroot adding the Arrow Root until obtaining a uniform cream. Place the result into a pipping bag. Place de mixture in the hot oil in thin strips giving the

shape of grille as we desire.


4. CRAB ASPIC : Rise the juice with the agar and place it in a mold where we the crab had been previously

inserted. Then leave for 1 hour in the fridge.


5. APPLE CLOUD: Take the juice out of the apple and mix it with the lecitine, raise with the

blender until obtaining the air cloud.


6. FINISHING: Place the gazpacho in a bowl, add the buckwheat bread in the centre.

Grill the aspic and add it to the bread, add the grille on the side and the mint oil around it.

The apple cloud will be placed in two spots .

Try this healthy recipe for dinner or lunch.

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