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Interview to the famous osteopath Boniface Verney Carron

SHA Wellness Clinic
November 3, 2014

Visiting master at SHA from 22-28 February 2016.

This is what he told us in his visit to our office in Madrid before going to Altea…


What does osteopathy mean for you?

Ostheopathy has changed for me a bit as I have been working for ten years now. It has always been a very global and holistic approach of my patients. It is a very accurate way of screening the different systems that we have in our body and that work together and to priorize which system needs treatment at that moment. Ostheopathy follows a very old principle: FIND IT, FIX IT AND LEAVE IT ALONEbecause nature will do it for you. Sometimes it doesn’t because there are disfunctional problems. You get info from the patients not only using the ostepathic tools but also from what you interact with them. What you get from them when you read the body language is very important, everything helps.



Is Osteopathy only to relieve pain or can it be also preventive?

It is firstly preventive, if you preserve the body it should not become ill. Preventive means you keep body in good circulation. When people come without pain you will still find disfunctions that they knew they had but you can still live with them. When people come for just little things, then you can see the rest. When you use Osteopathy in a preventive way you can see everything.


How does an osteopath take care of himself?

I have good colleagues and do lots of excercise. I play football, I swim, I run, I play squash. I need to be always fit… In my job you have to speak a lot and give a lot… If I am not on shape I can’t do my job properly. Feeling well is closely related to my job. I care a lot about my body. I see 13 patients a day and if I’m not feeling well I give less.


Could any pain be relieved with osteopathy?

NO because pain is subjective. The pain is your own, it belongs to you. If there exists any problem with the organs it can’t be relieved but it can help…It can help the body in most cases. What I always ask when people come to my consultancy is why they are there, not what they have… I ask why they decided to be there and what motivated them.

Boniface Verney Carron in Madrid
You are specialized in new born and women’s health…

I don’t want to be specialized because that’s why I do osteopathy. It’s an area of interest. A good osteopath should be good at: structural approach, visceral and craneo sacral. If you manage these tools you can treat pregnants, kids, everyone…


What do you recommend for fertility or pregnant women?

Pregnancy is best friends with ostepathy because moms to be are usually happy. They respond extremely well to treatment because they are full of life and you don’t need to do very much to make changes. For me it’s a real challenge because it’s an extraordinary moment in women’s life. I’m impressed about how much women suffer compared to man, emotionally, phisically, socially and for me is really touching, You have to be sexy, you must be a good mom, you must be fit, they are so stressed about so many things…


Is there any special treatment/routine for them?

I don’t decide the treatment, the woman decides. There is no routine or protocol. It depends on the person, everything tells me something about her, how she walks, how she speaks, the conversation we have, the way she looks…. everything…. and there is when I decide muy treatment. Anyway, there are no rules but there are techniques for pregnant woman.


Did you have any strange case or any you didn’t know how to solve?

Million. There are so many tricky cases, but I remember one at Sha. A Russian man came, he practically didn’t speak English. He didn’t give me any information when I asked him about his life. I asked if he had any injures and he said he didn’t. Then I saw he had seven bullet wounds and he was limping a bit, he was shot. He was fantastic, he didn’t have any problem with that. In his mind he didn’t have anything. He was fine. It’s strange because we are not used to it in this society. It’s fascinating.


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