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Treatments for a healthy pregnancy
Treatments for a healthy pregnancy

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Treatments for a healthy pregnancy

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 4, 2013

During pregnancy, many women experience periods of stress, accumulated fatigue and other negative symptoms that can harm not only mother’s health but also the unborn baby. It is therefore important that pregnant women especially take care both inside and outside, enjoying prenatal massage and treatments specially designed for pregnant women.

Massage for pregnant women

The most recommended massage for pregnant women are:

  • Soft manual techniques of osteopathy and physiotherapy help decrease stiffness typical of pregnancy and eliminate most common pain such as back and lumbar aches.
  • In Aquarelax treatment, the pregnant woman lies horizontally in the water and the therapist helps her relax and feel better combining passive movements of the body with gentle stretches.
  • The stretching and yoga techniques, in addition to helping pregnant women feel better and more flexible, improve breathing and circulation, serving as the perfect exercise in preparation for childbirth.
  • A good head and neck massage or cranio-cervical massage relieve regular headaches during pregnancy.
  • The postural reeducation by a personal trainer is also vital to keep the spine in good condition during the pregnancy period.
  • The manual lymphatic drainage massage and circulatory massage greatly relieve pregnancy problems like leg pain, fatigue accumulation or fluid retention.
  • Good nutritive wraps help prevent streaks caused by the volume changes your body suffers.

It is important to note that pregnant women have to be very careful when undergoing certain treatments and massages and it is best to do so from the recommendations of your doctor or specialist to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.


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