Home remedies for headache
Home remedies for headache

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Home remedies for a headache

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May 7, 2013

Hello everyone!

Today we share with you the most effective and natural home remedies for headache from the hand of Kenneth Prange, expert in nutrition and natural therapies.

Unfortunately, headaches and migraines (common in over 12% of the world population), often accompanied by dizziness and even fever, are becoming more common in today’s society and the fastest and more common solution (but not the best) is to take painkillers. But regular consumption of analgesics and aspirin can be very detrimental to our health, especially if your body gets used to that kind of artificial substances, preventing them to work and help us relieve our headaches.

headache relief

Therefore, it is best turn to home remedies that help relieve headaches and frequent migraines in a natural way.

The causes of headache are often unexplained although it is normally associated with periods of stress or overexertion, muscle tension, wrong diet, poor posture, long hours at the computer, and so on.

There are several types of headaches, according to which we can give different advice. For example, for frontal headache, we recommend chewing a small handful of gomasio (a natural mixture of sesame seeds and unrefined sea salt) or a tekka teaspoon (a Japanese seasoning made ​​from miso, sesame paste, sesame oil, lotus root, carrot and burdock). Both condiments are very mineralizing and act as natural painkillers. Externally, we can apply a cold compress made of, for example, tofu, because cold relieves frontal headaches.

To the rear headache Dr. Prange recommends drinking a glass of fresh apple juice or tea with a little kuzu and rice syrup. Externally we can apply a hot towel on the back of the neck.

For secondary and constant headaches we recommend taking a miso soup with chives per day as its highly alkalizing and it help us reduce the common headache. As an external application, recommend alternating hot and cold compresses to the sides of the head. These home remedies are also used for headaches associated with specific health conditions such as headache at pregnancy or headache during menstruation.

For deep inside headache, one of the most effective home remedies is to eat cooked apples, hot apple juice or warm water mixed with a teaspoon of rice vinegar and a teaspoon of rice syrup.

natural home remedy for headache: apple juice

For occasional headaches we have recommended you in other occasions to take the umeboshi Japanese plum, a very effective natural painkiller. Umeboshi can be taken in paste, added to any of our dishes or as small natural umeboshi pills.

Other remedies for headaches in general acupuncture, shiatsu massage, ginger compresses applied from the kidneys, intestines, etc…

We hope you find useful these tips to relieve headache! If you have any others that we have not mentioned, please let them in the comments.

Wish you a good an healthy day!

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