Bioresonance Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy

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Bioresonance Therapy

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May 9, 2013

This novel bioresonance treatment takes advantage of the energy waves emitted by our body to promote their self-healing and improve their overall functioning naturally, boosting our immune system. Dr. Ines Cremades we respond to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on quantum bioresonance.

bioresonance treatment

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy assesses the energy performance of the human body as a whole. From there, the therapist orders the issuance of necessary bioenergy waves to help cure certain diseases or conditions and help improve the overall performance of our body.

How is Bioresonance Therapy? quantum bioresonanceIt is done through a specific bioresonance machine to fully customize this therapy through the combination of energy and electromagnetic waves frequencies appropriate to the individual needs of each patient.

Treatment consists of a first biological general assessment of the health state of the patient from a measurement of energy waves. The measurement is performed in the seven energy sectors in which our body is divided, and is carried out by means of electrodes attached to the patient in three areas of the body: head, hands and feet.

These measurements determine segmented energetic condition of the patient, its responsiveness, chronic conditions, and health status for each sector, allowing even diagnosing specific diseases such as asthma, rheumatism…

After these energy measurements, the therapist analyzes the results obtained by the system and determines the necessary treatment to be applied to improve the health and welfare of the guest, adapting the emission of certain electromagnetic waves to regulate and restore our body function properly.

Bioresonance therapy can be used as add-on to certain health programs such as weight loss, smoking cessation, improved sleep quality, stress regulation, etc. and treatments like lymphatic drainage, cellulite, deep tissue… to enhance their effects.

How reliable bioresonance therapy is?

The effectiveness of bioresonance therapy is proven empirically and is also based on extensive studies and research in the field of biophysics and quantum mechanics which establish the functioning of human body energy. There is scientific evidence that all living things are composed of electromagnetic fields and all biochemical processes are preceded by vibrations and subatomic particles that dictate individual physiological behavior that can be captured by bioresonance apparatus.

How secure bioresonance therapy is? Are there any contraindications?

Bioresonance Treatment is completely safe because the device cannot negatively alter our physiological waves but only help eliminate the pathological ones. In addition, there are no side effects or contraindications, although it is not applicable in people with pacemakers (because the levels would come altered) and, as a precaution, it is not recommended for use in pregnant women.

How long does bioresonance therapy take?

The initial biological screening takes about 20 minutes. After obtaining the results, the therapist will determine how many bioresonance sessions are necessary to obtain the best results.

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