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Healthy Recipes: prawns carpaccio
Healthy Recipes: prawns carpaccio

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Healthy Recipes: prawns carpaccio

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 19, 2013

Prawns carpaccio and nuts salad recipe

We share a healthy and tasty recipe that can be served as a first course of a special meal, as a healthy recipe for a major celebration at home or even as an original healthy dinner: prawn carpaccio with nuts salad.

Prawns have all the benefits of seafood, providing many quality nutrients to our body, high biological value protein, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus , potassium , zinc , iodine, iron … ), vitamins (especially vitamins groups A, B and D) and healthy fatty acids like Omega 3. In addition , the seafood has very few calories, but we have to moderate the seafood intake to avoid problems such as increased levels of uric acid.

Healthy Ingredients for this recipe (about 10 people)
  • Prawns -700 gr
  • Canons 600 gr.
  • Rocket 600 gr.
  • Almonds 50 gr.
  • Hazelnuts 50 gr.
  • Nuts 50 gr.
  • Sunflower seeds 50 gr.
  • Pumpkin seeds 50 gr.
  • Pistachios 50 gr.
  • Macadamia 50 gr.
  • Virgin olive oil organic extra 100 cc
  • Vinegar of Modena 100 cc
  • Bergamot 10 gr.
  • Orange 5 gr.
  • Lime 5 gr.
  • Lemon 5gr.
Preparation of prawn carpaccio step by step

1. Peel the prawns and put them all together, filmed under and above, and squashing the prawns until a circle of about 20 cm. Freeze. When frozen, remove the roll of film and cut into thin slices as a carpaccio to serve at room temperature.

2. To prepare the salad, first roast all the nuts in the oven, let them cool and slightly itchy. Mix the nuts together with canons and rocket lettuce.

3. To season the salad, we must prepare a citrus and bergamot oil. To do this, we grate all the citrus, add the organic olive oil and confit it at 40 °C for 1 hour. Then let it cool and when ready, mix the oil with bergamot citrus and balsamic vinegar for a healthy and delicious vinaigrette.

4. To present the carpaccio with salad and vinaigrette, grate first the macadamia until it covers the whole plate. Then, place the nuts salad in the center and put over a few slices of prawn carpaccio when cold. Then we season it all with a little vinaigrette and, if desired, add chives to garnish.

Enjoy it!


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