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How to get your brain back in shape before returning to the office

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 23, 2021
Getting back to strict working hours can be a challenge after summer holidays. Here’s how to manage it.

As well as relaxing and unwinding, the holidays are a time to think about your regular habits and customs, where you are and where you want to be, the areas you want to improve; in short, it’s a time to reflect on your life. And many come to the conclusion that, by reorganising our schedule, it will be easier to manage the day and have more time for self-care, relaxation, for spending time with family and friends, all without neglecting work obligations.


Bruno Ribeiro, head of the Cognitive Development and Brain Stimulation Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, says that “it’s important to write down all the changes you want to make post-summer and follow them to the letter, because this helps you achieve any positive changes you want to introduce in your life. For example, if you spent half an hour a day reading during your holidays, try to continue to do so once you get back to the office. But don’t read anything professional or work-related”.


Learning to manage your emotions and enjoy optimal mental agility from the very beginning is essential to be able to develop the best version of yourself in any scenario, place and situation. To make this happen, the doctor explains that “being aware of your cognitive and emotional levels is crucial, but people often get caught up in the frenetic pace of the office and don’t manage to do that. That is why gradually adapting working hours and routines is a good idea. Keeping a holiday mentality up to the very last moment isn’t healthy for the body or the mind, that is, don’t extend the holidays through Sunday and start work on Monday. It is important to reorganise your schedule and habits a few days before going back to work. For example, adjust your bedtime to your working hours, go back to eating a healthy diet and get back to your workout routine. It’s also very helpful to go to the office and visit your colleagues a day or two before returning to work in order to gradually ease into the workplace, but without the workload”.


Finally, the doctor stresses the emotional importance of symbolism. “If you bought a bracelet, necklace or pendant on holiday, don’t take it off when you go back to work. And place that piece of craftsmanship in a visible place in your office or home to remind you of the good times you had during your holiday whenever you look at it. These memories will remind you of the amazing time you spent with people you love and will help you remember that you’ll have those good times again soon. This will help you keep a mental countdown, for example, I just have three, two or one month to go before I can take a holiday again and have as much fun as I did on the last one, which will keep you in a positive state of mind for longer”.









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