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Falta de energía

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How to overcome the lack of energy?

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 23, 2015


Do you feel tired and don’t feel like doing anything? If you struggle to feel awake with a mug of coffee, feel constantly weak, without the necessary mood to face mornings… If nothing excites you, you are probably suffering a lack of energy. We present some of the most popular causes and some tips that will help you to feel well again.



Energy loss is caused by imbalances in blood glucose levels. Nowadays it’s really important to eat every three hours to avoid big glucose peaks produced by the intake of simple sugars which decline afterwards. This also happens with the stimulating drinks and the consumption of excessive animal protein with which the kidneys lose the ability to remove it so our energy is lost.


Some of the major factors that impact in the lack of energy are:

  • The excessive consumption of sugar or inappropriate snacks.
  • Dehydration
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Not practicing exercise at all
  • Not having an appropriate breakfast
  • Anxiety and stress. These are some factors that cause a hormone imbalance in the organism, having an impact in our mental agility and our fatigue sensation.




  • Eat whole grains for breakfast. You can prepare porridge with oats, rice cream or millet for example.
  • Drink water between meals.
  • Eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep.
  • Workout and practice meditation.
  • Avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks.



Following these simple tips you will recover the lack of energy and vitality. Dare to try them and feel the benefits!


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