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Optimise your health with Cellular Bioanalisis

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 21, 2018

The medical field keeps making positive steps towards preventive medicine, focusing on detecting health problems in advance, to avoid developing them in the future. For thousands of years, Eastern medicine, such as Chinese Traditional Medicine, has focused on prevention and treating health problems from the root cause, whilst, Western medicine has treated the symptoms, but hasn’t prioritised treating the root problem. However, this is beginning to change, with more research and investigation invested into preventive medicine. An example of this progression is Cellular Bioanalisis.

Cellular Bioanalisis consists of analysing one drop of human blood under a microscope without stains, to understand an individual’s health better. Thanks to this biological technique, we can observe the biological terrain of each patient and prevent future pathologies.

The goal of this test is prevent illness and is a powerful tool to anticipate the precursor symptoms of illnesses that can present themselves before clinical manifestations. With just one drop of blood, you can detect most cellular disruptions that can cause future degenerative or chronic diseases.

The most fascinating aspect of this analysis is that once the blood has been extracted, it can be studied immediately, providing on demand information of the health state of each patient. This test allows you to identify many health factors, such as:

  • Whether there is toxicity, excesses or microorganisms
  • Analyse the quality of the blood transport system
  • Observe the levels of cellular oxygenation
  • Observe the activity of the immune system
  • Analyse the transportation and absorption of nutrients, metals, etc.
  • Define the state of oxidation and cellular aging– how quickly a patient is aging
  • Analyse the effect of stress on a cellular level

As a preventive measure, we recommend getting the test done frequently, to analyse the tendencies of our health. This way, we’re able to take the necessary measures to avoid possible health risks in the future.


If you’re interested in Preventive Medicine, discover our unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, which will give you the tools to live a healthy and long life.


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