SHA Boutique contest- World Health Day contest
SHA Boutique contest- World Health Day contest

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SHA Boutique contest- World Health Day contest

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 4, 2014

World Health Day contest #myhealthdesire


Hello everyone!

Next 7th of April, it is World Health Day, and at SHA we want to celebrate this significant day which is very important for us with a contest.

We believe health is not only a right, but a gift, and this time we are the ones who would like to give you a gift

How can I participate?

1- Sign up for the contest using the form found at the end of this post

2- Become a follower of @shawellness on Instagram and Twitter

3- Visit our online store and share via Instagram the image of your favorite product, including this hashtag #myhealthdesire, mentioning @shawellness plus a message with your health wish.

You can share as many posts and images as you like!

Until when Can I participate?

The deadline for participating on this contest is Monday, 7th of April at 24h What is the prize?

Among all of you who registered and participated in the contest, we will raffle one exclusive pack of products to improve your health, which is worth in over 100 euros.

Content of the “Healthy product pack contest”

IMMUNAGE CLASSIC : Immun’Âge® is a Japanese dietary supplement, obtained from Carica Papaya undergone a technological advanced bio-fermentation for 10 months, a unique patented product that gives the best antioxidant qualities. Learn more in the post about “The benefits of fermented papaya”

ImmunAgeBook “ The macrobiotic path to total health” By Michio Kushi and Alex Jack (A complete guide to Naturally preventing and relieving more than 200 Chronic conditions and disorders )MU TEA


The kukicha tea or tea three years is one of the healthiest natural beverage in the world and is obtained from the branches and stems of the same plant of green tea and black tea, it is also a type of tea which has multiple health benefits.

Kukicha TeaKOMBU SEAWEED Fast-real Bio

The Kombu seaweed is particularly recommended to prevent or resolve joint pain thanks to its high content of minerals like calcium or iron, and because it has an immediate alkalinizating effect in the blood.

Kombu SeaweedAZUKI BEANS

The azuki or adzuki beans (Vigna Angularis) are a kind of red bean usually grown in the Far East and the Himalaya with many health benefits. Today it is the second most popular bean in Japan, after soybeans, due to its many health properties and being beneficial to the kidneys and digestive system.


The umeboshi Japanese plum is a very effective natural painkiller; very recommended for occasional headaches that can be taken in paste, added to any of our dishes or as small natural umeboshi pills.

All these products are those that you can win by participating in the contest of SHA Boutique #myhealthdesire. You only have to sign up at the contest by completing this form and following the rules of the competition.

Good luck to all and Hooray for health!


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