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Sun protection: the best tools

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May 10, 2016

In some way, our relationship with the sun is complicated. On the one hand, we yearn for the first sunny days of the year; we invade the terraces of the cafés and enjoy sunbathing on the beach or in a park. But on the other hand, sun can also be really damaging for the skin, it can cause allergies and even cancer, which means a dilemma for us. We need to learn about sun protection and sun’s side effects so that we can still enjoy the benefits it can bring.

Preparing skin before sun exposure

The first thing to do, in order to havea uniform and lasting tan, is to prepare the skin before sun exposure.

Exfoliating is key to remove dead cells.

Moisturizing skin with an adapted product. It permits to get a nicer tan that lasts more and to prevent from sunburns.

Biological photoprotection

It consists in the strengthening of natural mechanisms of the organism with the aim to prevent and repair damage caused by sun radiation on our skin. Biological photoprotection helps reduce undesirable body answers, as cutaneous inflammation. Dermatologists generally prescribe oral biological photoprotectors but it is also essential to eat foods that help our skin increase its own defenses:


Carotenoids: this substance decreases the blushing caused by the sun. We can find them in melons, mangos, tomatoes, broccolis, carrots…

Omega 3: also has a photoprotector effect. We can find it especially in salmon, sardines and tuna.

Resveratrol: flavonoid, a photo protector that prevents from aging. We can find it in grapes, wine, oysters, peanuts and nuts.

Polyphenols: they are also powerful photo protectors that you can find in green tea, cacao seeds…

Calcium: having between 1.000 and 2.000 milligrams of calcium a day during 4 weeks can prevent sun allergy.

Probiotics: it reduces the risk of having sun allergy and increases skin regeneration capacity.


Apps can help us deal with every aspect of our lives and also to get a perfect and healthy tan! Let’s see some useful ones:

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference: it calculates how long we can be exposed to the sun without burning; it tells us what SPF level sun protection weneed and provides UV forecasts.

EPA’s SunWise UV Index: it gives daily and hourly UV forecasts.

iTan Smart: it provides a 7 day forecast, determines our maximum exposure based on skin kind, location type and protection, alerts us when we have reached our maximum vitamin D generation…


Protecting our skin during exposure

Avoiding exposure between 10am and 2pm. Indeed, the UV rays are very intense at this time of the day.

Staying in the shade where sun rays are less strong.

Applying sunscreen with high protection factor. Repeat it every two hours or after swimming, playing…

Using clothes that protect: a hat with large brim to protect eyes, ears, face and neck. For those with a especially sensitive skin, it is advisable to wear large and light shirt and pants.


Now you have all the tools to get a healthy tan; to enjoy sun without damaging your skin. Let’s enjoy summertime!


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