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Sustainability as a way of life

SHA Wellness Clinic
May 25, 2021

Long before concepts such as zero waste, energy efficiency, upcycling, carbon footprint, reef-friendly or conscious consumption became part of our everyday vocabulary, at SHA we were already committed to sustainability. Respect for the environment is one of the founding values of the brand and is present from the very construction of our building, which was adapted to the type of terrain to minimise the impact on nature.

In addition, and always looking for alternatives that would not negatively affect the environment, priority was given to the use of natural materials and resources. But this was only the beginning because sustainability is inherent to our way of understanding life.


Sustainable haute cuisine

Offering all our guests a healthy and delicious dining experience is as important to us as minimising the environmental impact of nutrition.

That is why our dishes are mainly made with organic, seasonal and locally produced food, guaranteeing freshness and flavour while keeping all their nutritional value intact.In our menus we do not use dairy products or red meat, two of the most polluting food industries, and we are committed to organic ingredients obtained through regenerative agriculture and our own organic garden.

In addition, we strongly support conscious consumption and a “zero waste” policy because we know that food waste not only has an economic cost, but also a social impact.


Sustainable facilities

At SHA we work daily to reduce our environmental impact, always looking for the best option for both our guests and the planet.

The circular economy allows us to control our carbon footprint and water consumption, we believe in reduction and reuse, we opt for sustainable designs and durable materials in the creation of our products.

In addition, the creation of an App to manage the stay of our guests has allowed us to minimise the use of paper.


Sustainable actions

Engaging and collaborating with local authorities and communities is essential to care for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

To this end, we have implemented several environmental activities, such as cleaning and maintenance actions in critical areas of the environment or reforestation days in the Sierra Helada Natural Park.

In this way, in addition to caring for the environment, we contribute to raising environmental awareness and changing mentalities. Because every action, however small it may seem, counts.

So, if you want to enjoy a healthy holiday in a privileged natural paradise without harming the environment, look no further: SHA is your destination.


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