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Improve your health with Tapping

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May 31, 2016

Lily Allen says that thanks to it she lost weight, Whoopi Golberg declares that it allowed her to stop being afraid of travelling by plane and Oprah Winfrey considers it as the future of medicine… Tapping is a new technique that deals with emotional liberation; it’s based on acupuncture and could liberate us off any problem.


Tapping’s concept

All the problems we daily go through, as stress, bugs phobia, headaches, weight gain… come from an internal instability. The aim of Tapping is solving this instability in order to fix a concrete problem, often caused by psychological stress. After some sessions, doubts, fixations, phobias or pain may disappear.


How is a tapping session like?

Tapping consists in giving light taps on strategic acupuncture points, situated on the face, arms, cleavage and hands. Regardless of the disorder you have, you normally have to blow the same points. While you’re doing that, the most important thing is to pronounce a self-improvement phrase.

It is important to choose well this phrase to obtain good results. It is necessary to pronounce it loudly, so that the problem emerges to the surface in order to eliminate it. The used language has to be natural, the one you normally use with your friends.


Tapping on your own or with an expert

You can try tapping in 2 different ways:

With an expert. In this case, the session can last 1 hour and a half. And the practiced tapping is more advanced and special devices designed by specialists are used.

The number of needed sessions is not fixed. It all depends on what is causing the internal instability.

Alone. Once you have learned the techniques, you can practice on your own for short sessions of 3 minutes. However, if you want, these moments can be as longer as you need it.


Macro close up of Therapist doing massage on female hand.Osteopath applying pressure on hand.


Body areas to tap

  • hand sidebetween the base of the little finger and the wrist
  • upperpart of the head
  • interior end of the eyebrow
  • eye side
  • bone below the eye
  • between nose and upper lip
  • between chin and lower lip
  • interior end of clavicle
  • about four fingers bellow the armpit
  • intern angle of the nail of the thumb
  • intern angle of the nail of the index
  • intern angle of the nail of the middle finger
  • intern angle of the nail of the little finger


This technique is efficient and can be performed anytime, anywhere: in the shower, when you wake up, while you are watching TV. We recommend to start with an expert and learn the techniques to use it everyday on your own.



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