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February 7, 2024

Collagen is the object of desire and the holy grail of technological facial rejuvenation treatments.

It is no longer the lack of volume, wrinkles or lack of tone that ages the face, but the sagging and changes in texture caused by a drop in collagen production. That is why the latest technology therapies aim to recover and regenerate it in various ways, but they all seek the miracle: that the body itself is capable of building new collagen fibres that restore firmness, smoothness and radiance to the skin.

Let’s review the technological facial treatments available at SHA Wellness Clinic that promote collagen regeneration and the disappearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Thermage: Its results are visible in a single session. Other technologies require five or more treatment sessions. The therapy causes controlled thermal damage that raises the temperature of the tissue and stimulates the formation of collagen in the deep layers of the skin. “The result is a natural rejuvenation produced by the body’s own work without the intervention of external products,” explains Dr Bárbara Dalbos, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic. One of its advantages is that only one treatment per year is needed.

EMFACE: It is the first procedure that brings together the patented combination of Synchronised Radiofrequency and HIFES to stimulate the facial musculature. Synchronised radiofrequency heats the skin in a controlled way            and stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin and, at the same time, HIFES produces a selective contraction of the muscles of the face. Dr Dalbos explains that EMFACE is indicated for “all patients who want to combat facial flaccidity and improve the quality of their skin without using    fillers. At any age and without any contraindication. Dalbos describes the end result as “a discreet facelift in less than 20 minutes.”

Fraxel: It is a laser that works from the inside out, creating small columns of thermal destruction in the tissues that stimulate the growth of new cells to replace damaged ones. It renews the skin and stimulates collagen production. It works very well on sun-damaged skin, acne and stretch marks.

Ultherapy: It is an ultrasound therapy that produces an elegant and discreet non-surgical lifting effect. Ultrasound focally heats the skin and stimulates the regeneration of collagen in different layers of the dermis. The technology includes ultrasound imaging that helps the practitioner to be more accurate with the inner layers of tissue. It is very effective in improving neck flaccidity. The full effect of treatment is usually seen within three to six months after therapy.

Indiba: An unbeatable classic. This is a facial radiofrequency that artificially increases the temperature of the cells in order to provide them with more oxygen and nutrients and, in this way, stimulate the regeneration of the tissues. A single Indiba session provides three benefits to the skin: biostimulation (activation of collagen and fibroblasts), microcirculation (increased blood flow and drainage) and hyperactivation (an aid to eliminate fat and regenerate collagen).



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