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The natural therapies with the most demand at our wellness clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 25, 2018

Nowadays, natural therapies are commonly considered a way to improve physical and mental health, but together with this health improvement we offer very high level of attention under professional supervision at our wellness clinic. Moreover, our professionals are not only highly qualified, but our facilities also are top quality and, therefore, the experience you can get will be unique. You will surely leave yearning to come back!

What natural therapies are in most demand nowadays?

All the therapies that contribute naturally to recovering your health, which help you to feel better, to restore your natural balance and your physical and psychological health, are all part of the set of treatments offered at most wellness clinics. We will list and explain the most demanded procedures

Healthy nutrition

Nutrition is so important to our health that sometimes an inadequate diet can be the direct cause of malaises such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. It is very common for the diet to be personalized in health and wellness centers. Every day you will have a different menu adapted to your health and your very requirements.

Nutrition specialists will show you the keys to an adequate diet to improve your health and you will be offered exceptional quality dishes. Because eating well is by no means at odds with being able to pamper your palate.

Traditional therapies

To find the balance and learn to keep healthy habits we have traditional therapies. The most demanded are:

– Acupuncture, which tries to restore physical balance through inserting needles in certain points of your body.

Moxibustion, which combines heat with acupuncture in certain points to achieve balance.

– Watsu massage, especially suited to treat stress. It is very relaxing because it is done in the water and is considered one of the most beneficial therapies in the world.

Modern or current therapies

It doesn’t get more balanced than combining traditional therapies with modern ones, based on scientific knowledge and proven clinical results. The most demanded among these therapies are:

-The revitalizing therapy of ozone, which is a way to revitalize your body. You gain energy and feel a greater physical and mental capacity.

– Phototherapy, which is indicated for cases of insomnia and chronic stress. It produces an improvement in your physical and mental performance, it regulates your sleep and wake cycle and you will notice an improvement in your mood.

– Detox massage with suction cups, which is a high-tech treatment where a deep lymphatic drainage is performed using a set of glass bells. This treatment helps to lessen the accumulations of fat and it eliminates toxins from your body.

As you can see, the combination of these traditional therapies with the most current form are a set of natural therapies that, in our wellness clinic centers, are the most demanded due to their immediate benefits to your health, and their restoration power of your internal balance.



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