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The Science of Longevity with Vincente Mera

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 4, 2019

The revolution is here…Medicine is no longer just about personalised testing. We are now towards “hyper-personalisation”, which means a new way of thinking about anti-ageing treatment is emerging – it is what they call gendered medicine.

Traditional science barely used to make any distinctions in treatment when it came to the difference between the sexes. One lived for the momento back in then; the here and now was what mattered – and it was no different for medicine. But a new reality is gradually emerging, from evidence that is fairly simple, but has been largely ignored over time – that male and female bodies develop significant physiological differences over the course of their lives. Even though, socially speaking, women have recovered much lost ground in several areas of equality – rights, access to the labour market, etc. – medicine has in fact been lagging behind. Only those who understand the need to personalise each treatment to a man or a woman can offer new therapeutic perspectives that are not only stimulating in themselves but also essential to always ensuring the highest quality of that treatment.

So-called “gendered medicine” is about studying the differences between men and women in terms of health. From the development and prevention of diseases to the appearance symptoms, or from the effectiveness of implemented therapies to the ways of dealing with them psychologically, the simple difference of gender matters. Genes, chromosomes, hormones and metabolisms – among other things – make us certain that “there are difference healths for men and for women”, according to Dr Vicente Mera, who leads the anti-ageing unit for men and women at SHA Wellness Clinic. The bottom line is that a combination of physical and psychosocial factor affects the health of men and women differently.


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