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The ultimate guide for a healthy summer
The ultimate guide for a healthy summer

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The ultimate guide for a healthy summer

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 27, 2017

Summer has officially arrived and it’s time to enjoy the well-earned time off to disconnect and recharge our batteries. What better way to do it than dedicating your holidays to taking care of yourself and recovering your vitality? The holidays are the ideal time to retreat to a place that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities, and adopt a slow lifestyle, where the main focus is to be present and enjoy the small things in life.

Do you still believe that it’s impossible to enjoy a holiday whilst also taking care of yourself? Think again!

In fact, if you dedicate time to yourself during your holidays, you’ll be able to relish this time even more, as you’ll feel good with yourself- from all the endorphins and dopamine your body will be releasing when you practice sports and eat well- and on top of that, you’ll have more energy and vitality to fully enjoy your holidays!

Let’s get started!


1. Enjoy the local and fresh gastronomy of the area

The best part of summer is that if you go to a coastal destination, you have a variety of local and fresh foods that also happen to be healthy. Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates that our diet should adapt to the seasons to balance the yin and yang. Now is the best time to enjoy fresh salads, fruits and vegetables that are in season, as well as wild fish.

What is the perfect and healthy lunch? A fresh local fish combined with steamed or grilled vegetables with a side salad. What to eat in between meals? Seasonal fruits, nuts, smoothies, cold pressed juices and homemade iced tea.


2. Move your body

Summer is the perfect time to practice outdoor sports. Whether it’s water sports, running by the beach, playing tennis, riding a bike, hiking or swimming. The options are limitless! And what better way to do it than outdoors? It’s best to start your day exercising so that you’re energised and set for the day! You can also take advantage of your trips to the beach to swim in the sea and go on walks on the seashore.


3. Drink nourishing juices and smoothies

There are plenty of juices that work in your favour during the summer. The classic carrot, apple and ginger juice is rich in beta-carotene, protecting your skin from sun exposure and maintaining a healthy tan and glow.


4. Enjoy the slow life philosophy

After several months working and getting trapped in the routine of everyday life, it’s time to fully disconnect and leave all kinds of distractions aside, like technological devices. Enjoy outdoor walks, delicious meals with your family and friends, reading that book you never get the chance to read, and spending time on your own listening to the sound of the sea and connecting with nature. All the things that we’re unable to appreciate or savour in our day-to-day become essential to disconnect our mind and connect with ourselves during the holidays.


5. Take time to pamper yourself

We all love to get some TLC from time to time and what better moment than when we’re on holiday. Apply a facemask, get a massage done or run yourself a bath. Do whatever you enjoy most!


With this guide on how to take care of yourself in the summer, you’ll feel like you’ve truly rested and recovered! Just like it should be!


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