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Three oriental therapies for an optimal state of wellbeing

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 14, 2021
Restore your inner balance through a holistic journey with hot sand, oil massage, sound therapy or the detoxifying power of ginger.


Proven Oriental techniques are a cornerstone of the SHA Method’s success. This ancient knowledge helps us to reach and maintain the right balance between body, mind and spirit, which is essential for optimal health. Sergio Masala, Wellness therapist at SHA Wellness Clinic, reveals the secrets of three ancient therapies with multiple physical, mental and emotional benefits.


  1. Psammo

This treatment was already known in ancient Egypt, where it was used to relieve muscle and bone pain, detoxify the body and fight inflammation. However, at that time, desert sand heated by the sun was used, whereas at SHA it is carried out on an innovative quartz sand bed at a temperature of between 40 and 44ºC. This therapy combines the soothing action of heat with a body massage with quartz sand-filled pindas, alternating pressure and stretching with the sound therapy of Tibetan singing bowls. The bed incorporates a massage system that lifts the sand in waves, which relaxes and stretches the spine and aligns the dorsal vertebrae, and can also be tilted, allowing the blood to move towards the head or feet, bringing all the benefits of inversion therapy. It provides deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep and improves joint, muscle and bone problems.


  1. Shirodhara

This holistic ancient massage with warm oil is inspired by Ayurvedic techniques. Before starting, the guest has to answer a short questionnaire to determine his/her dosha type and an olfactory test to choose the type of oil. Dosha refers to a body type and each of the three doshas are associated with an element. Thus, vata is wind, pitta is fire and kapha is water. Once these two parameters have been determined, the treatment is personalised with the oil and optimal massage speed and depth for the guest. It consists of an abhyanga body massage using the forearm in a pumping motion, face up and face down, which is very soothing and sedative. To conclude the massage, a container is placed just above the forehead, at the height of the third eye, hanging from a pole with a hole in the base through which one to one and a half litres of oil is poured while a cranial massage is performed. The massage delivers mental clarity, improves mood, optimises blood circulation and helps the body to detoxify.


  1. Ginger detox compresses

This 20-minute treatment, inspired by Eastern techniques, is specifically focused on activating the kidney, thus improving blood circulation, accelerating the elimination of toxins and combating both fluid retention and lack of energy. Two-hundred grams of fresh, grated ginger are placed in a bowl of very hot water and left to stand. Afterwards, compresses are soaked in this detoxifying mix and applied directly to the kidneys, which are responsible for regulating body temperature and filtering blood and fluids. This is why they are related to the element of water in traditional Chinese medicine and associated with the body’s energy. These hot compresses are changed as they cool, to maintain the temperature, while light pressure is applied to the back of the legs, associated with the bladder meridian, to stimulate and mobilise the kidneys.


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