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8 tips to get perfect lips | SHA Magazine

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May 25, 2016

The lips are a very important part of the face, since as the eyes they attract a lot of attention. It is essential to take special care of them as they are much more delicate that any other part of the body and is constantly submitted to external aggressions, as cold, wind or sun exposure. In this post, we suggest 8 tips to get perfect lips:


1. A regular exfoliation permits to remove softly dead skins and to prepare lips to have an adequate moisturizing. Withsome honey or coconut oil mixed with sugar you can get a homemade and natural scrub.

2. Moisturize regularly with lip balm to keep the lips healthy, firm and free of wrinkles. It is important to put on some balm every time you feel that your lips are dried, since it provides a protection layer that limits evaporation while boosting moisturizing.

3. Nourish during night is important since our skin regenerate more and is more reactive to products than during day. So it the perfect moment for applying a good layer of moisturizing balm.

4. Use a good lipstick. Indeed, some of them dry the lips and others causeallergic reactions. In order to avoid any problem, it is better to choose hypoallergenic lipsticks. In addition, they don’thave preservatives and colorants.

5. Do not bite your lips: the grazes of the teeth cause wrinkles. Don’t wet your lips either. Saliva eliminates the thin layer of fat produced by the lips and that protects them from dehydration. You may think that you are moisturizing them, but you ara actually making them dryer.

6. Use solar protection. In the same way that we protect our skin from the sun, it is also necessary to protect our lips when we are exposed to UV rays. You can find sun protection for lips in pharmacies.

7. Drink water: it is important to hydrate from inside.

8. Stop smoking to have a nice skin and nice lips. It is known that smoking creates small vertical wrinkles, just above the lips, which makes the face a lot look older.


You have all the tools to show off perfect lips from now on!



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