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Tips to live free of energy blocks

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 28, 2015

Beyond molecules and cells, there is a sea of energy that makes our body. Every molecule, every cell, every organ has its own melody and together they compose the symphony of life. But sometimes an instrument goes out of tune. It’s time then to remind it what is the note to regain the optimal health.

As if it was a river, the life flowing through our body sometimes finds obstacles. This produces a local increase in the amount of energy in the area or organ. But talking about energy, more is not better. If there is a congestion pattern it indicates that we are facing an intense process, there is something to solve. When the body can’t fix it, we enter a waste of energy process.

Good health begins with a good energy balance. However, our energy doesn’t always move in harmony for all systems. Sometimes exhaustion doesn’t allow us rest and it’s necessary to provide extra energy. Sometimes it’s only necessary to remove the obstacles that have been interposed in the flow of energy, sometimes we have to help our body to repair the systems, remind it what is still unsolved, sometimes we have to tune the instruments… And we can do all that by using waves. Waves that remember, waves that unlock, waves that recharge batteries. All of this makes what is known as “Energy medicine”. Detecting the imbalances and unblock them for the body to regain the ability of maintaining the optimal balance to every challenge.


Here we present some simple Tips to live free of energy blocks. Pay attention!


  • Analyze yourself – Try to feel your body, your mind. Consciously relax your back, your shoulders, legs, feel where the tension builds up. Know your energy structure.


  • Breathe – We recover a lot of energy through breathing. Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, put your back straight and focus on the air that enters through your nose, accompany it to the lungs and feel how it goes back through your nose. Practice this exercise as many times as you need, slowly, rhythmic, slow and comfortable.


  • Eat properly – Our body needs nutrients to work. Avoid processed foods and try to get back to healthy, organic and seasonal. Nature knows what foods you need based on where you live.


  • Connect with nature – We need the energy of the earth (the geomagnetic field) and the energy of the sky (solar radiation) to live. Try walking barefoot if you can, avoid plastic foot (socks, shoes) that fill us with static electricity. Allow yourself to receive the energy of nature directly on your body and feel its benefits.


  • Be positive – Remember that energy follows our thoughts. So where your mind is, there will be your energy. Try to focus your mind in creative and positive things.


  • Choose your thoughts – The excess of thoughts is one of the main ways to waste energy. Take your time to learn how to manage your mind, to choose what thoughts you want to have and to get the necessary skills to get rid of those thoughts you don’t want to hold in your life.


  • Carpe Diem – Live every moment intensely, trying not to project yourself neither in the past nor in the future.


  • Flows – Emotions make us humans, but living always in an emotional roller coaster leaves us absolutely exhausted. Try not to take things too seriously. In the end, “nothing lasts forever” and, whatever it is what you are living, it will also pass.


  • Determine your limits – Being happy is a choice, not a matter of luck. Learn how to differentiate where you end up and where the World begins. Don’t give anyone the power of making you happy because you will also be giving them the power to make you unhappy.


  • Delimit your digital intake – Avoid the excessive artificial radiation as far as possible. The digital diet is always beneficial (all ages).


  • Ask for help – When you feel you can’t continue alone, don’t hesitate asking for help. At SHA Wellness Clinic we will be happy to collaborate with your maximum comfort.



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