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VELASHAPE III: the perfect response against localized fat

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 15, 2015


Vela Shape III is one of the great novelties on Non-Invasive Aesthetic Medicine treatments at SHA Wellness. VelaShape III performs is the latest and more effectively tool against sagging, cellulite and localized fat which helps your achieve a toned body contouring without surgery or recovery time. It’s the perfect and painless answer to treat the most complicated areas that cause women dissatisfaction with their body.


Unlike other devices, VelaShape III achieves in a session what others treatments achieve in four sessions. Elos technology reduces the cellulite and fat effectively and quickly. The results can be seen after few sessions of treatment. According to clinical results VelaShape III has proven, for example, the reduction of 1,5 cm in thighs in a single session.


Vela Shape III new aesthetic technology


It works for all skin types and is used mainly in areas such as the stomach, abdomen, arms, hips, thighs and buttocks. Its secret is the combination of infrared light, radio frequency and vacuum therapy (which is not always necessary).



If you are interested in VelaShape III, our SHA medical professionals are at your disposal to advice and solve any doubts you may have.
Dare to show a perfect body!


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